Don't waste time writing code.

Don't waste time writing the perfect code, because the iterative development of a system may last 5 years to 10 years or even 20 years, while the life cycle of a line of code and even a design is much shorter, only a few months or a few days. So there is no need to spend a lot of time writing code?

Java security.

Container VS virtualization security

Most people believe that the container is not safe, but they do not give up its high performance and convenience. The authors believe that Docker has provided a safe mode, and can and SeLinux, AppArmor and other security solutions for all Linux collocation use, but a lot of people do not use it.

8 very useful PHP security functions

How to persuade doctors to use open source software

The hospital is not due to the use of the software to replace the paper operation and close the door. Why do we need to see a doctor? To get information about our physical condition, including whether it is a disease, or whether it can be cured. This is the message! And those of us is connected by the information geek.

Professional, focused, development and cooperation to create a new backup security storage

With the development of the era of big data, cloud computing, data storage and security show is particularly important! And in the enterprise, the IT department needs a more flexible data storage solution - not only can effectively protect the data, but also can provide quick recovery and availability options for employees anytime and anywhere.

From Alibaba security technology contest to see the trend of Cloud Security

During the AWDC 2014, programmer magazine interviewed Ali Xiao Li and big game third prize winner of the "rice" team, around ALICTF just at the end of 2014 (Alibaba security technology competition) on today's Internet security situation of the exchange and discussion.

Google disclosure of 5 of the three security features Android

Practical and safety related functions in PHP

[Live] CTO Club: approached Team Keen, approached the smart device Hack

Keen Team (Acer earthquake security research team) is a team consisting of China "white hat" security experts in information security research team. October 28th afternoon, the CTO club will lead members approached Team Keen, its core members will share the latest exploration in the field of smart devices security. This page is a live broadcast.
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Safety weekly

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Safe community activity