Discussion and practice of Docker security: Practice

Torture Cloud Security: we can use the "cloud" it?

This year apple in privacy and security on the frequency has been questioned, especially in early September according to Hollywood female star private crazy spread on the Internet, which attracts many users of eyeball, but also triggered a all doubts on Apple's privacy protection and the security of the cloud. In the cloud, we can not avoid the cloud, but the cloud can still use it?

3D printer is how to be bad?

Before on the Internet to see such a question: if you have a 3D printer, what are you going to print? There are a lot of options: gaming machines, auxiliary equipment, cars, houses and so on. Perhaps in the near future, 3D printer will enter millions of households, to become a good helper. But before that, what needs to be avoided?

Security escort services for the first

In the sub forum, "security escort services for the first", Alibaba group, a senior security expert Wei Xingguo brought a speech entitled "cloud security, user pain". He mainly shared how Ali cloud security, as well as in the implementation process and how to encounter problems and how to improve.

YunOS: the main three major breakthroughs, depicting a new version of the smart life map

October 20, 2014, YunOS 3 will be officially launched. From the current exposure information, the upcoming release of Yun OS 3.0, inherited the characteristics of two generations of systems, or will become Ali ecological new value accumulation.

Major security vulnerabilities POODLE announced

Another major security vulnerabilities SSLv3 will be published

Have you been robbed of your money! APP security issues struck

Many of the existing app secure reinforcement technology can already do to DEX shell protection, in preventing reverse, tampering, adaptation, and malicious code into the app damage behavior at the same time, can also for app provides data storage encryption protection, decompilation and environmental monitoring etc. to solve the urgent needs of the app application security.

IDF lab in GitCafe open source password security API source

Apple iPhone6 licensed by the Ministry of the 17 day of the sale in the mainland

Yesterday, the Ministry announced on the official website, said the Apple phone has been sent into the network license iphone6. So far, the Apple Corp finally held the "three cards" go all the flow into the mainland market for Chinese.
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