Google released Auto Android development documents reveal more UI, third party application details

Google today released the Auto Android development document, the document shows that it is only on the existing Android based on the increase of additional content, so the developer does not need to develop the corresponding application, as long as the interface corresponding to different platforms. In addition, Auto Android application development, more restrictions.

Safety dog contest: to "Wu" and friends, show the charm offensive

2014 China Internet Security Conference on September 24 and 25 national conference in Beijing held a grand, the conference not only gathered in the global more than 100 top Internet information security experts, more integrated into the practical aspects, especially the dog safe characteristics of offensive and defensive game activities, the offensive and defensive checkpoints to provide a platform to show themselves.

Multi level security of operating system

Android system source code, but because of the application review mechanism is not perfect to bring risks to the user. IOS system is completely closed, but the system itself has a back door. The two systems show the multi - level problems of the operating system security.

"A week of open source" 25: European popular embrace open source, the red flag story is not over

Google, Dropbox launched a more easy to use security software projects, Sandstorm let personal services as simple as the use of mobile phones, Unity announced the open source program, and the whole of Europe began to open up the open source.

Discussion and practice of Docker security: Practice

Don't violate the privacy of children! FTC hard Yelp and TinyCo

IOS and Android version of the Yelp application, as well as TinyCo's number of games due to unauthorized collection of personal information of children under 13 years of age has violated the United States COPPA, FTC were sentenced to 45 and $30 in civil penalties. Mobile gaming applications to steal user privacy is rampant, how to clean?

Webview Java Android and Javascript security interaction

Lu Wei: open security technology for mobile Internet Ecological Benefits

Webview Java Android and Javascript security interaction

GitHub on the hottest 11 open source security tools

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Safety weekly

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