GitHub top 11 open source security tools

As the cornerstone of the field of open source development, "all vulnerabilities are superficial" has become a well-known principle and even the creed. As a well-known Linus's law, when discussing the advantages of open source model in terms of security, open code to improve the efficiency of the project vulnerability detection theory has been widely accepted by IT professionals.

"One week" period: 21 open source play open source will be swept China, Linux security test again

The largest Internet Co in China to respond positively to the open source, open source will release in the China signal to realize the ambition. Domestic operating system to test the water again, this will be another Linux change version? Freeiris open source project announced to stop updating, distraught.

Dry cargo issues, Chinese Internet Security Conference free tickets for you to!

September 25 - 24, hundreds of domestic and foreign security experts gathered in the top 2014 China Internet Conference for hundreds of millions of users to uncover the ultimate mystery of network security. CSDN hosted one of the software security forum and cloud and data security forum, and for the majority of CSDN users set aside part of the free tickets, speed to apply it!

CSDN online training safety first lesson: building a secure PaaS cloud services

Should be the majority of users, CSDN online training for the first time to bring security related topics, in September 16, 2014, Sohu network operations security manager Wu Jianqiang will explain how to build a secure PaaS cloud services".

IPhone 6 needs to change but may not change four things

Foreign insiders recently pointed out that Apple's iPhone has been a good deal of four problems: the shaky security, Wi-Fi failure, battery life is short and the computer and the phone can not be properly synchronized, etc..

Netflix open source three open source tools for security monitoring

Netflix has released three internal tools. These tools mainly for clues on the web to catch a hacker left in the use of the Internet server. These three tools are Scumblr, Workflowable and Sketchy, it is recommended that you can try.

Celebrities private photos leaked, iCloud can be more secure point it?

Through the black into the celebrities of the phone or online accounts to steal them nude or is other private photo thing is not the first time that has happened, but there are rumors that the leakage of the photo means icloud and its photo stream function defects, hackers can use to make more generous attacks a range of defects, the true and false ah?

"The art of anti invasion" of the bank is absolutely reliable

The author Kevin Mitnick was the world's top computer hackers, the history of the FBI headache computer coercive acts, he is now global popular information security experts, he interviewed a number of hacker intrusion, governments and organizations of the stories were written down, and professional analysis, to share with readers.

"Machine" crisis, the mobile security market is ignored

Star iCloud photos leaked incident, seemingly far away from us, but in fact, who knows his own information will not be leaked? Mobile phone security, is the biggest crisis in the current smart phone ecosystem, is a huge market that has been ignored. Do not have a variety of mobile guards, assistant? No, that is not enough.

Apple My Phone Find service a flaw led to the United States, pornographic incident occurred

Last week, the privacy of female celebrities on the Internet, according to the Internet crazy spread, and caused the culprit is apple iCloud service. Foreign media TNW said Apple's vulnerability is: My Phone Find service allows the attacker to repeatedly guess the password, which led to the attacker can use the script and eventually guess the password.
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