You know the Docker founder and CTO migration method of wild romantic beauty

Current the most popular docker founder and CTO Solomon hykes, because like in Internet cafes playing electric open programming life, he also had a French film company in Los Angeles work. As the United States and France, the United States and France, love motorcycles, this article reports to take us from a different perspective, to re understand the Docker.

NEC high availability cluster software X3.3 EXPRESSCLUSTER for the official release of the Chinese market

June 24, 2015, NEC for the Chinese market has released the latest version of the core product X3.3 EXPRESSCLUSTER. A number of experts from Tokyo's NEC headquarters and NEC China show a new feature, fully demonstrates the strong strength of the NEC in the field of high availability cluster system.

Wave of the Internet team: customized Rack, and a 50000+ platform

Ali will buy 50 thousand servers, Baidu customized large-scale applications, for the first time as a supplier of Tencent, with 360 to enter the U.S. market...... These results, the wave of a special team - the Ministry of the Internet industry. Watch how they deliver success from standardized mass delivery to customized small quantities.

[figure] from the research iMatrix architecture to promote the wave of high-end storage AS18000 reached 9 7

Analytical wave of high-end storage AS18000 used by the full self research iMatrix fully shared switch architecture, iRAID fast reconstruction, isolated cache mirroring, heterogeneous integration and other technologies. And at the market level, the overall program with K1, and the "heterogeneous double live, and gradually replace" is still the focus.

Three years ago the world's top three? Wave Peng Zhen: rely on technological innovation to achieve

The wave in four and eight X86 servers, SmartRack, Tissot K1 series showed obvious to people. In 2015, the wave will support the high-end storage of 16 controllers, research and development of silicon optoelectronic interconnect SmartRack and support 64 expansion of the host system 64 processors. Technological innovation, will help to achieve the goal of the world's top three!

From China's information industry in the "spring" to the wave of "calculation +""

"China's first, the world's third!" In IPF 2015 conference, in the face of more than 1500 partners, the wave of the group's chief scientist, senior vice president of Wang Endong proposed tide server the new goal is to consolidate the first position, further open to the second gap, and in three years reached global sales of the top three.

Wave server business was written before IPF 2015

In April 24th, IPF2015 (the wave of information national cooperative partners Conference) will be held in Beijing. One of the hot spots of last year is "selling a wave of the server to reward Mercedes Benz car" incentive plan, this year, IPF will have any explosive information?

75% of the company is still vulnerable to Heartbleed attacks, is it numb?

According to the recent reports of key management company venafi, to 2000 enterprises survey found, there are three quarters of the company still vulnerable heartbleed attack, visible, and not all of IT companies can learn, once again appear massive spills, it is estimated that when people have been already numb.

QConf official open source!

QConf is a distributed configuration management tool. To replace the traditional configuration file, makes the configuration information and code separation, and configuration changes can real-time synchronization to the client. This allows the engineer from niggling configuration modification, submit code and configuration on-line in the process of liberation, simplify the configuration management.

The India government mandatory use of open source software, OSS is not far from the blossom everywhere

Before there were reports that Germany and other European countries in vigorously promoting open source software, and government agencies to personally take the lead in using. Now the Indian government mandatory to use open source software, it is not difficult to see that, open source software in the prospect of IT industry is already very clear. We look forward to the open source software in the world everywhere.
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