How traditional companies to embrace the Internet from "technical books" on

The impact of the Internet from the financial, manufacturing, chain enterprises and so on to all the industry spread. "Active internet change is waiting to die, the impact of the Internet is to die, how to die?

The "advantages" and "cloud power Tengyun plan new achievements

September 22nd, to " new cloud power " as the theme of the Lenovo enterprise class business strategy and Gen5 ThinkServer conference held in beijing. Lenovo's first self-developed cloud platform management thinkcloud solution, and for cloud computing and optimization of the thinkserver fifth generation family of products also appeared on the same stage.

Hat Satellite Red 6: better manage servers and cloud

Not only the Red Hat Enterprise Linux administrators, and even all the management of the red hat cloud, will fall in love with Hat Satellite Red 6. RHS 6 inherited the previous version of the full life cycle management, including software, patches, configuration management, as well as physical, virtual, cloud subscription management.

IDC latest report, the wave continues to lead the 2014 Q2 China server market

According to IDC latest data show that: in the second quarter of 2014, China's X86 server market as a whole unit shipments, sales of $22.2%, an increase of 34.6%, respectively, the global X86 server market as a whole shipments of 2 million 200 thousand units, sales of $9 billion 800 million, an increase of 1.5%, 7.8%.

"Put down" and "get out" mass data solution analysis

State Administration of radio supervision, monitoring and supervision of the task involving a large number of business systems, data, data unified management difficulties, how to integrate these business systems to achieve data storage, management, sharing has been a technical problem in the regulatory industry.

How to do a server administrator

CISCO switch LAN security part of the technology configuration

Network security: the second edition of the Chinese version of the secret communication in the public world

Security contract (model)

Cool dog music box

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