Mozilla announced the open source storage scanning technology Masche

Mozilla released the open source storage scanning technology, mainly for the server, which solves most of the technology at the same time from thousands of hosts to view the information can not see the memory of the defect. And this technology is developed by a group of students, is now free of charge.

Open source software security vulnerabilities exposed Xen: number of cloud computing service is suspended

As the open source software Xen to update the security vulnerabilities found in the discovery, resulting in a number of cloud computing services facing a brief outage. Xen in the cloud computing industry is well known, developed by University of Cambridge, users include Amazon EC2, Ali cloud IBM, SoftLayer Linode, ECS and Cloud Rackspace and other mainstream manufacturers.

About 10 things you should know about Docker

If you work in an enterprise IT, you'll hear about Docker. Even in hot technology such as Puppet, Hadoop, and Docker, MongoDB also stands out. But just because Docker is in the hype, that doesn't mean it's right for you.

XMPP protocol based on the server openfire introduction

XMPP protocol based on the development of instant messaging server openfire introduction and communication principles, and plug-in development.

Isomorphic Web is the future of JavaScript?

Homogeneous JavaScript application refers to the use of JavaScript prepared by the application, to be able to run at the same time the client and server. This also allows the sharing of code between the client and the server to become a more universal natural selection. This trend through the library (such as React) shared template has been enhanced.

2015 edition 404 collections

A well designed 404 error page can help you avoid losing users' trust, potentially create your user relationship and keep your users, making it more time to browse your web site. The paper lists some of the 2015 edition of the 404 version of the interface design reference, in order to help get inspiration.

Little penguin tells you what the best open source network monitoring tool

This paper collects four network monitoring tools to test their functional characteristics, namely Cacti, Icinga, ZABBIX and Observium, the main test items including host availability, broadband usage and so on, in addition to testing granularity and configuration performance.

Microsoft open source CoreCLR.NET

Microsoft's open source program has been a long time, and today they took a big step forward, through the release of the.NET core common language runtime (CoreCLR) source code to achieve the.NET entire server development environment open source.

EverNote's open source alternatives Paperwork

Evernote supports QQ browser, fruit network, bean, fruit dishes, Fetion SMS client a large number of third-party collaborative applications, and is free of charge, perhaps some users so to Evernote cloud access does not rest assured. Never mind, there is Paperwork, it is open source, save money and worry.

IBM will usher in the history of the largest layoffs: lay off about 110 thousand people

It is said that the IBM will be the next month will be cut by 26%, about 110 thousand people. For possible layoffs in February 2015, mainly due to IBM has been a number of consecutive quarters of revenue decline and loss of customers, it is learned that the company's largest in the history of layoffs. IBM has not yet responded to media inquiries.
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