Five strategies for debugging large-scale server clusters

For developers, whether to have a perfect server debugging strategy will have a crucial impact on the entire deployment and maintenance work. Zhitnitsky Alex often help Java, Scala developers to solve the server side of the error and the commonly used software to test, this paper is to share some of his experience.

Outlook 2015: data center industry's ten major projections

At the end of 2014, the next year's IT industry's trend has also surfaced, experts believe that next year's data center, including the network, real-time processing, Docker, OpenStack and other aspects.

Behind the scenes hero Tor dilemma

Tor is an implementation of the second generation of onion routing, users can be anonymous communication on the Internet by Tor. Tor function is very powerful, it can help us to break through almost all of the network restrictions, but there are a number of lawless elements through this network damage, resulting in severe Tor management.

Why does RedHat like open source standard bearer rarely?

In the field of network, open source companies have been slowly upward from the bottom up, but in the field of vision, there is no such a landmark role as RedHat. In the server, database and cloud services, there are open source. Like RedHat and Canonica have been ported to the open source operating mode to the Business Companies model.

[BDTC] Zhang Dong: the focus of the development of the cloud computing cloud computing hardware reconfiguration and software definition

With more than ten years of Linux experience, "the old programmer", the wave of cloud computing product research and development department general manager Zhang Dong detailed introduction of the wave of cloud computing research and development routes, technical focus, the future planning, and focused on the wave of how to balance the relationship between open source optimization and independent research and development.

Watch BDTC 2014: wave, "big data calibration engineer"

014 China big data technology conference (BDTC 2014) has just concluded recently, nearly one hundred large data industry renowned scholars, business leaders, industry veteran experts and front-line practice technical representatives, the scene to share the latest developments in Hadoop, YARN, Spark, HBase, Impala, Tez and other open source software.

Why is the developer for the PHP language.

PHP language, as the server side of the development of the scripting language, in the development of the site is very famous. After the Lerdorf Rasmus was created in 1995, the W3Techs survey showed that PHP accounted for 82% of the known server programming languages. There is no lack of WordPress, Facebook such companies.

Open source community to do a little change is very difficult

In this paper, the Apache software foundation for the case, about the open source community which daily norms, and is based on what the technical standards. Thus, it is very difficult to make a change in the open source community, which may lead to further, not only the open source community, the history of any community will stick to the rules.

Implementation of a million level real time message push service in Worktile

Compared to the phone side of the message push (usually in Socket way), WEB is based on the HTTP protocol, it is difficult to maintain a long connection as the same as TCP. But with the development of technology, the emergence of WebSocket, Comet and other new technologies can achieve a similar effect of long connections.

Open source network Server Co B was $10 million Nginx round of financing

Nginx server has a vibrant community, but it is the core of the development of internal. The community is often proposed to get support for server installation and maintenance services. Nginx has decided to use the new financing to meet the needs of the business customers who require direct access to this kind of support from the engineering team.
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