Flash industry new challenges, the development of ecological and win-win

The past year, SSD's enterprise level market is growing rapidly. In 2013, SSD manufacturers shipped about 57 million solid state drive. By 2014, shipments increased by more than 50%.

Mesos Benjamin co-founder Hindman Apache: the status quo of distributed applications

Distributed application is becoming more and more popular, and the boom seems to be in the field of data center management. Recently Apache Mesos co-founder Benjamin Hindman, analysis of the current situation, the distributed application developer / operator is facing difficulties and solutions!

Based on Samza Apache, the technology behind the secret LinkedIn architecture

Samza is a distributed stream processing system which is made by LinkedIn. Recently, LinkedIn senior Jon Bringhurst SRE published a blog, the secret LinkedIn is how to use Samza and Yarn, Kafka expansion.

Do not be kidnapped by vendors to see how profitable software?

Real free software does not exist, no one is willing to provide customers with free things and not the corresponding return. Materialistic businessmen as everyone knows, so users need not be grateful for the open source vendors. Open source software does not conflict with the business, it is just a business model, there is more desirable value.

18 open source / commercial Linux server control panel

When the webmaster also have a lot of site, not through the control panel to manage a variety of websites will be very difficult. In order to meet the different needs, we need to personalize the program. CPanel and Plesk are more powerful pay control panels, but there are a lot of open source control panels that have similar features and are free of charge.

The best use of the global localization software Sisulizer

Mozzila why is afraid of Google?

Firefox issued a shocking statement: in the Google as the default search engine index after ten years, will this small Firefox search engine for YAHOO search engine. This sounds like a strange move, because Google's search engine than YAHOO's good too much. Maybe there's another reason?

A3: a software that can automatically fix vulnerabilities

Repair vulnerabilities can be said to be the shadow of the software development process, and the coexistence of software. In November 13, 2014, computer scientists at the University of Utah have developed a software that can detect and eliminate the virus that has never been seen before, and can automatically repair the damage that it brings, and continue to stop the attack from the infected machine.

Mobile device important? Software and services are the focus

In the major manufacturers to promote the development of mobile devices, it is interesting that it becomes irrelevant, in contrast to the software and services behind it has become the focus of business, and equipment, sensors, and so will become a simple endpoint, the war between the devices on the actual business is just an episode.

CTO interview.

CTO interview.
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