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The computer security problems early, the progress of science and technology lead to malicious software by using some new methods to infect our equipment and into our business network is addressed. Privacy and security have a thousand to million, the protection of your privacy is a part of your security.

Cloud computing will help small businesses?

Imagine an office where it can be accessed from anywhere on earth. You are free to run your business while your team is located in Australia and New Zealand, as well as the United States. Each of your employees will have access to the appropriate documentation without the need to maintain your personal servers and storage.

Hell, Purgatory and paradise, go through the process of domestic OS on the road to success

Now, it seems, it all and domestic operating system Related words sounds are so weakly, some people even think that domestic OS is a gimmick. Can reflect on and domestic OS experience all these years of development, finally catch up with the government to vigorously promote the good time, perhaps in the future can become dark horse in the field of operating system.

Focus cloud security to resist new threats - a comprehensive analysis of the wave of cloud hosting security product solutions

Enterprises in the cloud computing, big data, BYOD and other new generation of IT technology driven, business development more efficient and intelligent, but the problem of information security is increasingly serious. Cloud data centers carrying large key business systems, the lack of credible, safe, controllable ecological environment needs to change.

Tide server application Sichuan medical information to solve the problem of livelihood of the 21 states

Recently, the wave of server successfully won the bid, Sichuan provincial health department grassroots medical two project, these servers will be deployed in Sichuan Province, the 21 cities and counties, more than 100 counties, the total amount of tens of millions of dollars.

From the association, to see the tide, SDDC in the rewrite what?

A 2014 wave is not really the point break, the first time to put up a pageantry cry: "the best in all the land Lao Tzu!" Results by friends of the business of trying to rebound; when IBM x86 rejection to Lenovo, everyone wondered, Lenovo would dominate the, the wave will grace the breeze?

The waves got to say: if you want to put the machine to get credible service

Cloud computing is to the goal a step closer: it resources can like running water and electricity, to do with the use with the check, charge according to quantity. Today, there are more and more individuals and businesses as in the application of water and electricity in cloud computing, but at the same time, security issues are increasingly plagued by cloud computing users.

Are talking about cloud computing cloud strategy why different?

Held two session of the wave of "Inspur world 2014", since the positioning in the technology and application ", inevitably on the trend in the industry, strategy and new product release, users to display their own strength, and dabble in customer relationship by the way, retreat for the future judgment almost this is because it vendors technology summit.

Domestic server market big money grab grab bandit battle disc

In recent two or three years, with the rapid development of China's economy and globalization, Chinese enterprises to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, the wave, HUAWEI, Lenovo and other domestic server providers in the industry ecology, channel construction, industry breakthrough, product layout and more collaborative forward, multi breakthrough, rapid rise.

The fundamentals of China's server market are changing

In October 28th, there was news that the decision-making level has been required by the ministries to 15% per year, with the operating system of domestic brands to replace foreign brands operating system. Domestic alternative imports will become the norm in the future information industry, in addition to operating systems, servers, chips and software will become an important goal of localization.
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