Encoding's fast and slow: developers and over confident psychology

Today I want to discuss is that when a developer of a project to do time estimation, he will think of what, why it is difficult to adjust, and I will make some personal point of view, even if my prediction is not as reliable as before, how to write software.

Virtual assistant problems: privacy issues never left

Amazon's latest product echo, also has caused the people to investigate the virtual assistant product safety, a lot of people are worried that such products will not disclose their privacy, we should how to treat this kind of product, and this we should do is according to their real needs to weigh the pros and cons.

Super contest winner of the choice of the wave of the flagship product will debut SC14

November 17th -20, the world's leading computing industry in New Orleans, the world's top event - the 2014 global super Computing Conference (SC14), the wave of a new generation of servers NF5280M4 global debut, showing the design of China's champion super computing server style.

The traditional data center cloud services will lead to the grave

2014 is a watershed, more and more cloud services appear in front of people, cloud services to its unique advantage to conquer the many CXO, which also means that it will slowly replace the traditional data center location. Become a leader in the IT industry.

AS500G: the traditional low utilization of storage terminator"

As wave is stored in the main terminal products, aS500 occupy the wave of storage for about 25% of sales, has become the preferred product upgrading of a number of industrial customers it with "ringing" price.

Create UDP node.js server

Tissot K1 system 12358 bid price law enforcement system of national information sharing

Wave Tissot K1 system successfully won the bid for the national development and Reform Commission 12358 price reporting system, assume the core database. 12358 price reporting system is the information sharing and collaboration platform, the system is completed, the system will play an important role in maintaining market competition order, and safeguarding the interests of consumers.

Facebook open source HTTP Proxygen framework and server

Facebook recently announced the open source Proxygen - HTTP C++ class library, including a HTTP server for internal use only. As we all know, Facebook company in recent months has been a considerable number of open source part of the code, the vast majority of mobile developers and open.

NIO Java server instance

A highly scalable server architecture based on non blocking IO

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