How to get the open source Android system?

Android has achieved great success in business, the success of Android is often regarded as the success of Linux. In a certain extent the success of the Linux is also, Google makes full use of Linux and open source software, in a very short time in the Android marketplace, and provide a bunch of characteristics, and quickly defeated the old rival IOS.

Hat OpenShift open Red cloud services to the Venture Company

To attract more startups to their public cloud development platform openshift, red hat company recently launched a a plan to provide free openshift cloud services start-up companies and emerging enterprises: openshift startup program.

Push SSL3.0 server side APNS to TLS (iPhone push service)

Wave of life science and the integration of gene research can also be a key type"

In order to accelerate the genetic science, the wave of life science in a few days ago officially launched the life sciences. The advent of this product will enable the domestic life sciences research institutions to obtain low-cost, high efficiency gene analysis and processing platform, more effective development and utilization of China's rich genetic resources, accelerate the development of China's gene strategy.

The wave of server business for large local enterprises to promote financial information security and reliability

Announcement shows that the acquisition of the wave and the total share of the eight X86 server, to become the core of the industrial and Commercial Bank of the designated supplier. Previously, the wave of server has been China Construction Bank, Bank of China and the postal savings bank of China, such as the purchase orders for national banks, total shipments of more than 5000 units.

Wave is how to achieve a single day 5000 x86 server delivery of the Internet?

Is expected to 2014 bat purchasing servers will invest more than 100 billion yuan, which accounted for approximately 20% of customized machine cabinet server, quite on the customization of the whole cabinet server input will exceed 20 billion yuan. With a depth of customization as a weapon, the wave of a single day 5000 x86 server delivery of the latest record.

Wave landing SDDC strategy China starting EVO data center one machine

Following in the San Francisco vmworld & reg; 2014 conference global debut, wave on October 29 in Beijing vForum 2014 conference officially released wave clouds data center integrated machine Evo: rail, and will in the near future users within provides based on the overall data center solutions and services.

World Inspur host sub forum held in the domestic host alliance members increased to 58

2014 is the host of domestic industrial ecology, following and IBM and SAP have announced the full support of Tissot K1, led by a wave of established domestic industry alliance host system is in continuous strong, the total number of members from the initial establishment of 16 to 58.

Puer - not just the self refresh server, it is a highly efficient front-end development

World Inspur first look at Baidu, Ali, the wave of the next generation of data to crack the code

October 23, "Inspur world" will be held in Beijing Jiuhua, in general Internet data center application technology innovation "forum, chief technology officer of Alibaba, Baidu, Sohu and Qihoo, Jinshan Internet companies will from technology trends, the point of view of practical share the content.
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