DP1000 wave of the integration of the wave of one machine to be settled lynx mall

Cloud computing, big data applications quickly landing, more and more companies need to carry out data storage, backup and recovery. To this end, the wave of product innovation, the introduction of DP1000 backup machine, a set of backup software, backup server, data storage as a whole, to provide comprehensive and reliable data protection for key business.

Focus cloud data center security will push cloud hosting security product solutions

It is reported that in the upcoming 2014 World Inspur technology and application summit, located in China's leading cloud computing solutions provider, the tide will launch cloud oriented cloud hosting security product solutions, the same period will be held cloud data center security forum.

The wave of storage to achieve the level of the response, the new rural cooperative IT service speed

Liaoning Province, a new type of rural cooperative medical management center office of rural cooperative medical management center, staff are in the third quarter of 2014, the municipal fixed medical institutions focus clearing work, the mouse gently, data "s" s "s response, and then do not have to spend a lot of time waiting for the server's response, business processing efficiency is greatly improved.

Cloud Computing International Conference on cloud computing fusion architecture

October 19th, the fifth Cloud Computing Conference held in Guilin, Hu Leijun, vice president of the wave of the wave of business and data driven cloud computing fusion architecture, the keynote speech, pointed out that the industry cloud into the industry big data era, the integration architecture has become an important driving force for the transformation and upgrading of the user's business.

World Inspur is about to hold a wave of software defined data center strategy

From October 23rd to 24, the wave of World Inspur technology and application summit will be held in Beijing. The summit is the wave of the wave of the group of two years, the forward-looking technology event, the participants can experience cutting-edge technology, the perception of future innovation trends.

Wave of eight servers into the world's top three

According to IDC released the second quarter of 2014, China's X86 Server Market Research Report: China's X86 server eight in the first half of the 2014 market sales and sales increased significantly over the same period last year, sales grew 47.5%, up to 1.5 times the overall server market growth rate.

DCS storage operating system to become the wave of high-end storage, intelligent engine"

Operating system is very familiar to everyone, it is a special system software, it is responsible for the management of the entire computer system hardware and software resources, a good operating system is essential to the computer.

Why is ApplePay more creative than the GoogleWallet?

Pay Google and Wallet Apple, who are more creative? They are the same as the promotion of mobile payment methods, the wide range of its audience, influence. As a part of daily life, it is necessary to do a comparison between the two, from the perspective of ease of use, security, user experience, etc..

Create UDP server

Oracle Google Peter former engineering director Magnusson, intended to force the cloud platform business

Oracle has hired Magnusson Peter, the former Snapchat and Google Engineering Department, whose main job is to run a offering that has been adjusted to help business customers in the cloud to handle more scientific and technological tasks.
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