X System team into the association of Dayone: a voice, a strategy

Tong Fuyao, vice president of Lenovo Group, general manager of China's large customer division, Lenovo Group Vice President, X Pure and System System, general manager of the China region, the first time to face the media, detailing the development path of the Lenovo server, channel stability strategy, cloud strategy and future prospects of the development of the market.

Nightmare of traditional form server -- Analysis of Rack V4.0 Smart

The whole cabinet server has a strong substitution effect on the traditional rack server, and because the whole cabinet server has a low requirement for the environment, easy to deploy and low cost, it has a certain effect on the blade.

Improve products, layout market analysis of the wave of K relocation project"

Before the wave of K relocation project "national tour's first stop was held in Jinan, the wave officially launched the key application integration for a host of new Tissot K1 910, at the same time to promote the host program more than 30 categories, including big data, transaction processing and other application solutions.

Wave Wang Endong: emerging areas for the Chinese HPC applications to provide the opportunity to lead the world

Wangen Dong said that from the Tianhe 1A aspirations to the world champion, to Tianhe No. 2 continuous cubic ranked TPO500 first, can see the hardware of rapid development, the application laid a good foundation. However, in the traditional HPC applications, China and the world's leading level still has a large gap."

[news] October 1st Lenovo announced the completion of X86 server acquisition, "loss of market share to double"

Lenovo and IBM announced the acquisition of X86 IBM server business in October 1, 2014. Lenovo Group Chairman and chief executive officer Yang Yuanqing said, from the only PC engine to PC engine, mobile engine and business engine in parallel, Lenovo's strategy has been a huge change.

Lenovo Gao Wenping: first step in the field of server, the world's first

Gao Wenping told CSDN, since the acquisition of IBM that day, Lenovo has a very clear goal for their positioning, it is to become the world's first.

More dangerous than "bleeding heart"? Detailed Bash vulnerability security incident!

Many people may have a security problem in the first half of the heart bleed event memory is quite deep, but now there is a devastating level of vulnerability - Bash software security vulnerabilities. Who is the Bash vulnerability discovery? Why is it such a big impact? This vulnerability is really serious, just paranoia?

The wave of complete product line to create a complete ecosystem K migration

K to move project "since the start, both at home and abroad nearly hundreds of partners involved, Tissot K1 has been in key industries, finance, public security, taxation, public security applications," K relocation project has from the "wave of promotion project" rose to jointly promote industrial ecology engineering.

[Github] H2O: optimized HTTP server

H2O is an optimized HTTP server implementation, can be used for a standard stand-alone server or a HTTP server development kit.

Hat +Red (red hat), a new era of software and hardware integration!

Wave of strategic cooperation agreement with Hat Red company yesterday in beijing. According to the cooperation agreement, red hat will be the wave of the NP series of tower servers, NF series rack server, the wave of storage servers, NX series blade servers and other 9 major categories of wave x86 computing products to provide comprehensive technical and service support.
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