• The first 360 open source conference highlights content

    May 21, 2016, hosted by the 360 University of the first 360 open source conference grand opening in beijing. The conference not only invited more than 10 360 internal technical experts, invited the vice president of the Niclas Hedhman Apache foundation, touch the future CEO Li Zhiyuan, HUAWEI and Intel and other open source experts, CO assembly, open-source chat!
    Open source is conducive to the overall development of the system and the software industry, and to benefit the majority of users. Technology is an important window to show the company's technical strength and influence. 360 open source after several years of sustained force, has been released on 360 official GitHub more than and 20 important open source projects, and gradually become a leader in the open source industry.
    This topic contains video and PPT, speakers share the scene covers: ThinkJS - Node.js MVC PHPTrace-PHP and trace framework, debugging tools, new Android plug-in mechanism - DroidPlugin, Qconf- configuration management services, AtlasMySQL middleware, large capacity Redis solutions - pika, based on open-source software to build EB big data platform is wonderful content.

Speech video

Hedhman Niclas
Software Foundation Zest Apache vice president
Issue:Apache foundation how to run open source projects
Topic profile:Talk about a full volunteer organization under $3000 a day of budget, how to grow and manage more than 200 projects, tens of thousands of people and millions of contributors.
HUAWEI open source expert
Issue:Hacking the Game - chat hacker three
Topic profile:The speech, mainly to talk about the hacker's world outlook, outlook on life, values, as well as their, somewhat, not for.
Cheng Yin Li
ThinkJS author, 360 technical committee member
Issue:Node.js - MVC ThinkJS framework
Topic profile:Node.js framework built in the framework of automatic compilation, automatic updates and other mechanisms, so that the development and application is very convenient and quick.
360 architects, 360 open source committee members
Issue:Future of OpenResty Community The
Topic profile:Qihoo 360 for the promotion of the OpenResty community, and the OpenResty in the future development direction of community function and above.
An-An Chao
360 Infrastructure Engineer
Issue:PHPTrace-PHP debugging and trace tools
Topic profile:PHPTrace is a PHP debugging and trace tools for PHP development and testing, as well as online environment, can quickly locate the investigation.
The Dragon Chang
360 mobile assistant development engineer
Issue:New Android plug-in mechanism - DroidPlugin
Topic profile:DroidPlugin can run the APK file without the need to install, modify, this mechanism to improve the structure of large APP, to achieve the development of multi team collaboration has certain benefits.
360 Infrastructure Group Engineer
Issue:Qconf- configuration management services
Topic profile:QConf is the 360 company widely used and open source configuration management services, is committed to the engineer from the complex configuration changes, the liberation of the work on the line.
Heimia myrtifolia
360 odd dance group excellent front end engineer,Nova.js author
Issue:NovaJS- the first Component Web framework for the future of the future
Topic profile:Nova.js is a real landing in the project, it is compatible with all the PC, including IE9+, including the mainstream browser and mobile browser.
360 server development engineer
Issue:AtlasMysql Middleware
Topic profile:Atlas: database middleware, used to provide Mysql with high availability, scalable cluster services, the current coverage of more than 90% of the company's Mysql applications.
360Qtest Team Senior Test Development Engineer
Issue:The practice of static code scanning in 360 projects
Topic profile:This topic describes the static scan product FireLine (line of fire) in the 360 Wireless product process in the process of exploration

360 senior R & D Engineer
Issue:Large capacity Redis solution - Pika
Topic profile:Pika is the 360 DBA team and infrastructure team to develop and design a large capacity redis solution
360 cloud platform and the person in charge of the big data infrastructure
Issue:Build EB class big data platform based on open source software
Topic profile:Introduced based on Hadoop, HBase, Storm, Spark and other open source big data software to build 360 companies EB big data platform of actual combat experience.

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