The topic of architecture or architecture has been talked about by people, what is the architecture? How to design the architecture of the front and back end? How to design a highly available architecture? How to design scalable architecture? What is an architect? What qualities do architects need? How can a programmer practice as an architect?
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Architecture Practice

  • Li Zhihui: Venture Company engineers should master the scalable Web development technology

    In this paper, from the beginning of a single deployment, has experienced a simple split and separate deployment of independent deployment by functional modules, and ultimately to the cluster deployment and other architecture evolution process. This paper also mentioned some of the core technology, including: through the load balancer server application scalable, through remote distributed cache to achieve cache can be telescopic, carry out the database scalability through a master-slave replication and distributed database. As well, how to split the team into a number of small teams, according to the functions of the split, or by product and project split, the entrepreneurial team recommended the latter. This article from the system architecture to the organizational structure, is very exciting. [detailed]

  • Li Yunhua: business oriented high availability architecture design

    The full text of the high availability issues are very clear, especially related to the technical solutions, the value of extraordinary. Suggested that we will pay attention to the point from the high availability system oriented, to business oriented high availability, to develop a quantifiable and measurable high availability standards; we must from the business point of all-round and three-dimensional analysis and design of high available architecture, from the user layer, network layer, service layer, operation and maintenance of the layer to provide technical solutions. [detailed]

  • Huang Yong: from MVC to the front and back ends of the separation

    The author stands in the developer's point of view, from the traditional MVC model, to explore the advantages and disadvantages of MVC, and then leads to the use of REST to achieve the separation of the front and back. In this paper will be combined with a combat scene, to reproduce a rest frame of construction process will involve some core technology and corresponding implementation steps, the rest framework architecture design and development process of a clear description of the. [detailed]

  • Sun Xuan: 58 help as an example to see the evolution of the typical technology architecture 58 city

    This article from the traditional instant messaging business management platform and mobile marketing tools, and finally talked about mobile push system, covering all aspects of the content. The product challenges the entire system architecture is very large, more than 1 billion times a day to support the request, and supports more than 1 million of the online user. Readers will understand the essence of an architecture designed to support the high concurrency of im platforms. [detailed]

  • Liu Hongfeng: a discussion on the design and implementation of the industrial grade networking project

    This paper starts from the difference between "Internet plus" and the "Internet of things", talked about the IOT architecture design, pointed out the need from the device side, cloud monitoring terminal, three parts of architecture design, in addition to the architecture design of middleware platform. Then show us a lot of things in the project case, and then to the future development of the development of things to end the project. The full text of the amount of information, for the understanding of the Internet of things architecture designed to help a great friend. [detailed]

  • Ye Yurui: definition and classification of software defined storage (SDS)

    The content of this article is novel. First concept for VMware proposed software defined data center (SDDC), SDDC can be automatically extended software definition includes three stages of abstraction, pool and automation by software, SDDC consists of computing, storage, networking, management and safety of five parts. Then the classification of SDS is described, and finally the development of SDS as an end. [detailed]

  • Zhuang Biaowei: on the self accomplishment of the architect

    Architects need to also have "hard" and "soft ability", visible architect must be versatile, need to have a wide range of knowledge and skills. Architects need to fully understand customer needs, with strong technical strength, needs to play a technical leader, know knowledge comes from practice, learn to avoid risk, continuous learning, continued to optimize existing architecture. The architect finally comes to enhance a middle course of self-cultivation is very incisive. [detailed]

  • Deng Fanping: life is not the architecture: Tieto, SONY architecture practice

    Author according to oneself in Tieto, Sony, Minsheng Bank and several well-known enterprises in the framework of actual combat experience, to engage in their own Android architecture in practice, for example, as we describe architect of nature, in fact, architects everywhere, architecture is not necessarily the dubbed the "architect" of the title, architects need to do heart blueprint and plan, have very strong executive power, you need to have a good "nose" of risk, this is the real architect, the "life where not architecture". [detailed]