• The seventh China Cloud Computing conference ended successfully

    June 2015 3-5, as the most influential cloud computing event - the seventh China Cloud Computing Conference in the grand opening of the National Conference center. The general assembly for the first time for three days, from the government leaders, academicians and scholars, business leaders around the future trend of cloud computing and the current practice of the application of the status of a wonderful discussion and analysis. General assembly also set up a cloud computing architecture core technology, cloud computing platform to build and practice, data of core technologies and applications, cloud computing IT infrastructure and operation and maintenance of automation forum, cloud computing security and trusted computing, hybrid cloud application and practice, cloud computing and cloud storage core frame structure and application, based on the new technology of telemedicine system and practice, cloud computing data applications of intelligent transportation, "Internet +", "Internet +" financial and other more than ten sub forum, applications of the new cloud technologies and solutions were discussed. At the same time, the conference also organized the SaaS industry development, the second session of the international cloud computing standardization, the sixth cross strait cloud computing collaboration, IFIP cloud computing experts committee invited forum, technical training courses and a wealth of industry party, evening salons and other special events, to the participants provides multi dimensions and deep communication opportunities, work together to promote business and domestic cloud computing's innovation and development. [detailed]

June 2nd

SaaS Industry Development Forum

China Cloud Computing Technology and Industry Alliance Secretary General Lin Runhua
Ni Guangnan, deputy director of the Committee of experts on cloud computing in China Electronic Society
CSDN editor Liu Jiang
Beisen CEO Ji Weiguo
Chang InfoQuick vice president Sun Guoping
Send cloud CEO Shi Peixin
Kingsoft CIO Wan Yong
Stone network CEO CipherGateway Bai Xiaoyong
CEO Ren Xianghui.
Weiduomei electric CEO Fan Zhitao
Beijing lanxum Polytron Technologies Inc IT director Yingjie
Sales easy CEO Shi Yanze
Yang Yan booth CTO
Senior analyst Ren Weiwei Analysys think tankPPT
CEO IMO Qiao Yuemeng

Hadoop 2 operation and maintenance management and cluster installation monitoring training

RedHadoop Tong Xiaojun, head of the company
Early training 1 hours sign of small partners
Early training for about 1 hours before the front row is full
Seriously listen to the small partners
Training is over, the venue is still full of small partners

June 3rd

General Assembly

Xu Xiaolan, Secretary General of the Chinese Electronics Society (host)
China Electronics Association, Shaanxi Provincial People's Government governor Lou Qinjian
Vice Minister of industry and information technology Huai Jinpeng
Honorary chairman of the Committee of China Electronic Society of cloud computing expert Li Deyi
Huang Lilian, deputy general manager of the China Telecom Co cloud computing branch PPT
Xin Erlun, deputy director of the Committee of China's big data experts
Teradata days Rui company international cloud computing solutions expert Crespo Joao
Dai Zhong, general manager of the branch company of Chellona Mobile Communications Corporation Cmcc
China big data expert committee member Jiao Gang
Yao Qiang, deputy general manager of China Electric Power Construction Group
IBM systems division Systems Douglas global general manager M. Balog Power
Qiu Yuepeng, vice president of Tencent Inc
Lin Runhua, Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese Electronics Society (host)
China big data expert committee, Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Li Wei
Wang Jian, chief technology officer of Alibaba Group
Haupter Ralph, senior vice president of Microsoft Corp
Zhang Hui, vice president of the wave group
Hangzhou number dream workshop founder Wang Wei
Taiwan cloud computing Industry Association vice chairman Wang Keyan
Liu Yubin, deputy director of the CMC of Shaanxi Province
Chai Hongfeng, executive vice president of Chellona UnionPay Co
Thunder chief technology officer Chen Lei

June 4th

General Assembly

Cloud Computing Core Technology Architecture Forum (1)

Cloud computing platform construction and practice Forum (1)

Big data core technology and Application Forum

Cloud computing IT infrastructure and automation operation and maintenance

"Internet +" Forum

Remote medical construction and practice forum based on new technology

Hybrid cloud application and practice Forum (Telecom)

Cloud computing and cloud storage core architecture and Application Forum (PMC)

June 5th

General Assembly

Cloud Computing Core Technology Architecture Forum (two)

Cloud computing platform construction and practice Forum (two)

Cloud computing security and trusted computing Forum

"Internet plus" Financial Forum

Cloud computing big data intelligent transportation industry applications Forum

Show cloud

The clouds show hot spot
Michael Jackson imitation show
Representatives of China Cloud Data
Day mutual data representative
JOB CSDN on behalf of the floor
CSDN software mall representative
Qingyun QingCloud representative
3Tcloud representative speech
UCloud representative speech
UF representatives shared their cloud computing
APP cloud spokesman brings games in the cloud show
First test participants have to concentrate on listening
IBM Exhibition for Li Na bring three stories of cloud computing
In order to prizes, desperately kuaiqiang balloon
Cloud show high quality conference notebook end gift

Assembly Pavilion

China Unicom woyun booth
IBM booth
Seagate booth
Ali cloud booth
360 booth
Tianyi cloud booth
China Mobile booth
3Tcloud booth
Baidu booth
Hua Sanyun booth
Tide booth
Centerm information booth
Western data HGST booth
Qingyun booth
Tencent booth
Sky core booth
China network security booth
Thunder booth
Safety dog stand
Po Tak Technology booth
Opzoon Technology Exhibition
China Cloud Data booth
Send cloud technology booth
Jingdong cloud booth
Joint branch group booth
Seven cattle cloud storage booth
Rong Yun booth
Three principal booth
Taiwan leopard bred booth
Listen to the cloud booth
Xi Xian new information industrial park booth
Sina cloud booth
Schindler cloud into a booth
UF group center booth iUAP
CSDN booth
EasyStack booth
EISOO love booth
Mellanox booth
Jishizixun booth
Yohyo booth system
Cloud habitat town booth
National Super Computing Center booth in Shenzhen
Red cloud into the booth
Micron Technology Exhibition
Mei cloud booth
Order software booth

The conference highlights

Sign in front of the crowded
Live free of love breakfast
Ni Guangnan and academician Li Bohu before the exhibition tour
China Electronics Association of cloud computing expert committee members took a group photo
CCTV reporter interviewed guests on the scene
Professor G. Velev Dimiter from Bulgaria and his wife posed for pictures
Guests from all over the world live communication
TERADATA Greater China CEO Xin Lun booth to help out.
Waterproof and anti shock helium sealed hard disk
The scene in "the avengers"
Beautiful sister live baked cotton candy
CCTV reporter interviewed Ali cloud booth staff
VIP & CIO salon industry Buffet
Beijing's cloud into the sweep of the two-dimensional code to send packets
HGST scan two microcode send Sprite
Tencent invites you to challenge the tablet game
IBM help you test a number of haze today also presented a mask
Seagate presented iPhone and Android mobile phone dual charging line, the scene robbed burst!
Yesterday afternoon PMC special speech to send iPad, Baidu employees pumped!
Show cloud free books we mad rush

Graphic record

  • June 2nd
  • June 3rd
  • June 4th
  • June 5th
  • 17:10[cloud computing security and trusted computing Forum] computer school, Wuhan University Professor, doctoral tutor Huanguo and the Chinese Institute of Electronics cloud computing committee members, Intel China R & D center data center business department chief software architect Li Yan shared the a end "to the end of trusted cloud resolving scheme". Zhang Huanguo said: cloud computing also exists such as equipment, data, content and the common security of the text, but also such as the sharing of resources caused by the sharing of personal security. Currently trusted computing has made series of norms and industrialization of achievement, such as the announcement of the three trusted computing technology standard; TCG announced the TPM2.0 and TSS2.0 new code, and will continue to publish other specification, Microsoft released WIN-8, full support of trusted computing etc.. In terms of end to end, to achieve the trusted cloud infrastructure, trusted cloud platform, trusted cloud terminals, trusted cloud systems, trusted cloud services, the need to build a trusted community in china. Li Yan focuses on the Intel trusted execution technology (TXT), trusted computing pool (TCP), open source remote authentication (OAT), how to help more companies to achieve security and identity protection.

  • 17:00[cloud computing applications for large data intelligent transportation industry forum] treasure ship 2 product director Du Zhongping entitled "treasure ship shipping network 2 construction of ecological practice" speech, first introduced the process of upgrading transformation of shipping formats, from commercial technology and user perspective introduces the characteristics of treasure ship network 2: business research new technology, architecture, design and implementation of more close to the user, to explore Internet plus business model. He then introduced treasure ship Web 2.0 in four areas of port services, inland river shipping, logistics services, personnel services. He also introduced the treasure ship company's core product S-GIS, and treasure ship network cloud 2.0 ecological and shipping data based architecture. He said that a big opportunity for the ecological system of shipping market, you can provide a development, transparency and integrity of the environment, and make innovation in this ecology into a more simple, more likely to occur.

  • 16:30[cloud computing security and trusted computing Forum] CSA Greater China Chairman, HUAWEI chief network security expert Li Yuhang published the 2 era of cloud computing network space security, keynote speech. Cloud computing has evolved from the first generation of the traditional data center, virtual machine to the second generation of green data center, containers, spark, IOT devices such as, the top-level network security framework including international strategy, national laws and industry standards, management processes, tools and talent cultivation in six dimensions. Each dimension need international and cross-border and inter agency, cross sectoral cooperation. For cloud computing software defined boundaries, quantum secure and networking security and mobile application security vulnerability detection, cloud security alliance were launched CSA SDP, CSA quantum safe, IOT security controls and CSA mast service.

  • 16:10[cloud computing data applications of intelligent transportation Forum] Shenzhen city comprehensive traffic command center chief engineer Guan Zhichao brought theme for the new generation of information technology era urban traffic monitoring, modeling, simulation, and evaluation system of speech. He introduced the Shenzhen city traffic cloud computing practice, including the Shenzhen city comprehensive transportation information center and Shenzhen city future traffic key laboratory and so on. He then introduced in Shenzhen city traffic monitoring and model system, he said, build region, macro, meso and micro integration of multi-level traffic model system that can form the reunification of the city's traffic model platform, meet different levels and types of transportation decision support needs. Finally, he introduced the macro, meso, micro, online intelligent simulation environment and impact assessment of urban traffic in Shenzhen city.

  • 16:05["Internet plus" Financial Forum] at Beijing law firm senior partner Wang Xinrui's keynote speech is the name of "financial big data practices and compliance issues", he makes a detailed analysis of credit risk control, marketing, and collection of several aspects of the financial big data business practice, and from the laws and regulations of the enterprise a detailed guide practice data.

  • 15:45[cloud computing security and trusted computing Forum] China Telecom Co., Ltd. cloud computing branch company deputy general manager Zheng Shaobin in entitled "credible, from China Telecom" speech focus on shared China Telecom's practice in terms of security. China Telecom has 15 five-star and 90 four-star data center, has formed a "4 + 2" cloud data center, build more cloud data center; computational capacity of millions of nuclear physics; storage up to EB level; room egress bandwidth over 10TB. Whether it is the government, large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises or enterprises for internal use, with the high security requirements for safety.

  • 15:35["Internet plus" Financial Forum] home of the founder of net loan & Ying Chan Group Chairman and President Xu Hongwei has called "cloud credit - to create a P2P net loan industry ecosystem" lectures. During the speech, he shared the credit status of P2P net loan industry for the guests: P2P net loan industry consists of three core participants, investors, borrowers and borrowers P2P platform, directly determines the quality of investor willingness to invest and platform for survival, looking for high quality borrowers because of its breakthrough in the core of the entire P2P net loan industry the former; P2P net loan industry in the rapid development of our country, China has become the world's largest P2P net loan market, but due to the development of China's credit industry is relatively backward, the development of P2P net loan industry in our country at present and bottlenecks; in the central bank's credit system, only 300 million people have real credit relations with banks the accounting for less than 25%, and the P2P platform is currently not included in the central bank credit system, the large and small credit company a lot, but no one is able to provide a P2P net loan A complete copy of the credit report.

  • 15:30[cloud computing security and trusted computing Forum] security dog CEO Chen Fen in the theme for the cloud service model is used to solve the safety of the small and medium-sized enterprises pain points, "the speech said, the small and medium-sized enterprises are facing the risk allocation and external attack serious, very serious security situation, 90% of small and medium-sized enterprises lack systematic safety planning, in terms of security investment and the overall IT investment accounted for less than 3%. According to the safety protection system, network security, security baseline system (anti anti intrusion), identity authentication, Cross hybrid cloud and a public cloud management of several typical cloud security service scenarios and security dogs were put forward several solutions, including: production safety image template, safety producer of image template, community security forces -Store, cloud computing vendors network infrastructure, based on host host level, based on VPC (virtual private cloud).

  • 15:25[cloud computing architecture core technology forum] lark technology founder and CEO left Yue for our decryption windows container of the history, present situation, future and application. Yue left first introduced the difference between windows and Linux designers, and then focuses on the Drawbridge container technology, and compared to the docker, first docker and kernel is shared, Drowbridge is not to be shared and the starting time of the docker relatively much faster. Drowbridge phase of relatively slow. Image Docker does not support multiple integration (such as Apache+MySQL), but Drawbridge can. Because Drawbridge to achieve the 45 API, you can do something Docker can not do things, such as support for Snapshot, can do availability High, as well as enclave Secure (SGX) -R/G. Drawbridge 2, the latest research and development, has been applied in the Machine Learning Azure.

  • 15:20[cloud computing platform to construct and practice Forum] China, member of the Committee of experts on big data, Shanghai Sheng Tao Big Data Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Ding in the theme is "big data intelligent IT tools and platform" speech first examples of large database market exists many problems: (1) inheritance -- does not support acid, big data will always be "from the sideline while talking"; (2) the performance of large data not only "big", but also to "fast". High performance, real time big data is the future of the road; (3) easy to use - big data to bring us not only the "value big", more important is that everyone will use the big data.

  • 15:18[cloud computing data applications of intelligent transportation Forum] Tongji University Professor Yang Dongyuan, entitled, "big data era urban traffic thinking, analysis and decision making," the speech said, for urban traffic, big data is not a fashionable, but technology to promote, demand pull and task concept change the common call creativity, and the face of the field of urban traffic data technology application problems, need the government to improve predictability, establish the correct values and enhancement of pulse diagnosis ability. Period, he also said in the field of urban traffic, the application of information technology, neither the big data stuffing technique traditional technology framework, nor of association analysis technique and simple to apply. Finally, he introduced the large data evidence based decision analysis framework technology. Its main goal is to improve the decision-making effect of the organic integration of urban transport strategy, policy, planning, construction, management, and control of technical aspects of the strategic control process.

  • 15:15["Internet plus" Financial Forum] letter big data innovation center research and development director Gu Wendong's speech on the theme "Bo that is new, extension letter financial data cloud". He believes that the recommended system is a typical application of large data. After that, he put forward the "connection Internet plus" financial bearing is flat, can be generated and any vertical field, financial products also has a platform, all walks of life cannot do without the financial, this platform what chemical reactions at the beginning and gradually vertical field releases great value. So, he believes that the development trend of Internet banking is: service, scene, cloud + end. In the end, he mentioned that the letter should be used to the letter, businesses, partners Trinity financial services system.

  • 15:10[cloud computing security and trusted computing Forum] was in the Internet companies do safety work and Entrepreneurship of sinomenine cloud security founder &CEO Fu on safety of understanding is very profound. In entitled "for future adaptive security architecture" speech, share a real enterprise security story: famous game was hacked, final 7 joint team with 2 months time through a variety of technical means to found server 10% were infected. He believes that: the security environment is very grim, security has been far behind the development of cloud computing, unable to respond to drastic changes in business needs, more unable to face the professional attacker, corporate security into trouble. So the enterprise need more: applicable to various infrastructure, easy deployment, rapid response, easy to use, real-time detection of unknown threats, continuously monitor contains and protects the core assets, personnel rely on low cloud security services.

  • 15:00Cloud computing platform to build and practice Forum] Hangzhou and pat cloud CTO Huang Huipan published a speech entitled "what is cloud acceleration" speech. He first introduced in the end what is cloud acceleration, he believes that the nature of the network is accelerated, after which he also shared the UPYUN cloud computing system architecture. Although cloud acceleration will bring the cost of hardware, system development and operational aspects of the network cost, but cloud acceleration brings the value is obvious, he thinks there are two main reasons, first is the service standard, transparent, fair; the second is service quality consistency and optimization cycle is short, and as a new generation of CDN Accelerated Service UPYUN redefined the cloud acceleration.

  • 14:55[cloud computing architecture core technology forum (2)] DaoCloud co-founder and CEO Chen Qiyan in the subject is mentioned in the speech of the container to help enterprises transition to the Internet architecture ", before the vessel, the software development is less team collaboration, operation difficult to trace, quality control, integrated continuous, cluster to telescopic, delivery lacks uniform and other pain points plagued. The emergence of the container, the software development process with new ideas, namely: Lean Engineering (Methodology), mobile (application), GIT flow (collaboration), micro (Architecture), cloud platform (platform), container (released). He also introduced said, DaoCloud currently available products and solutions have two, a is DaoCloud should management platform (www.daocloud.io) it is native cloud application one-stop solution; another is DaoStack enterprise service, it is enterprise docker service, including private cloud, hybrid cloud.

  • 14:52[cloud computing data applications of intelligent transportation Forum] drops fast taxi, vice president of technology, big data and commercial career department general manager Zhu Lei: the titled "line in" the cloud "- the era of big data intelligent life" theme speech. He describes the application of large data, products, business and operations related to the case. In addition, Zhu Lei shared a taxi orders intelligent matching, from the human, material, information, services, the nature of the four points of view, and the user's loss of monitoring and early warning systems and operational strategies. Finally, he introduced the big data architecture from two aspects of business and engineering drops taxi.

  • 14:50[platform construction and practice of cloud computing Forum] China Telecom Co Branch Technical Director Guang Xiaoming published a report entitled "field exploration and practice of" China Telecom cloud computing cloud computing speech, he said China Telecom has set up north and south two cloud data center construction covering 8 regions, 2 cloud base, 2 isolation area a total of 17 resource pool nodes (excluding the isolation zone and two bases), and share the Tianyi Yunnan North double live storage pool case and hybrid cloud application case, at the same time, he also introduced the Tianyi hybrid cloud five scenarios, including disaster recovery has been applied, the flexible research and development testing, mobile APP and virtual desktop. In the end, he also introduced the core technology index of sky wing hybrid cloud,

  • 14:45["Internet plus" Financial Forum] ant payment service financial cloud Solutions Manager Wang Lei shared the "cloud computing" Internet plus financial empowerment. He believes that the wide use of financial cloud is in line with the trend of the financial industry, especially the inevitable result of Internet plus finance. He mentioned, financial cloud background is: financial IT application of self-control technology has risen as a national strategy; Internet banking online at any time, small frequent characteristics of traditional IT systems bring enormous challenges; more new small and medium-sized financial institutions, there is an urgent need to specialization, socialization resource support. He believes that although "Internet plus" character from "characteristics Internet plus" business, but for financial, robust, security is also very important.

  • 14:40[cloud computing security and trusted computing Forum] 360 cloud division product director Zhang Xiaobing issued a cloud security technology architecture sharing theme speech. 2014 domestic new malicious samples, phishing sites 2 million 620 thousand, Android virus 3 million 260 thousand, 65.5% sites there are loopholes, the security of the Internet Co has led to a public security accident has led to the disclosure of information leakage. For this purpose, 360 put forward the concept of "data driven security", using QVM artificial intelligence engine, based on massive data mining, the introduction of intelligent machine learning algorithm, accurate identification of unknown malicious software. And through the large data association technology, with a variety of graphics to show the way to help security experts to analyze the unknown threats, discovery, backtracking, tracking and warning. In addition, but also to provide multi tenant isolation, cluster and company business isolation, high anti DNS service, with five network distribution security CDN service, DDoS attack prevention etc. to build secure cloud environment, and independent research and development of the Hawk Eye System for real-time scanning door.

  • 14:30"[Internet plus China]" Financial Forum big data expert committee, Chinese Institute of electronics, cloud computing expert committee, nine one financial information services (Beijing) Co., Ltd. founder and CEO Xu Zewei shared the "Internet financial innovation based on big data". He believes that there are three asymmetric information in the whole traditional finance: information asymmetry, knowledge asymmetry, service asymmetry, and these three can rely on technology to solve the asymmetry. Based on this, he suggested: in essence, Internet banking is the integration of information flow and capital flows. He believes that the data itself does not produce value, how to analyze and use big data to help the business is the key. After that, he proposed three principles of Internet financial industry data transactions: the two sides actively submit transaction data; platform capabilities to the product is simple enough; platform operating data efficiency and liquidity.

  • 14:25[cloud computing data applications of intelligent transportation Forum] Shanghai Beidou satellite navigation platform Co., Ltd., deputy general manager, chief engineer Zhu Feng published entitled the dipper high precision navigation and intelligent transportation "topic. First introduced the development of Beidou and related aspects, he shared the high precision navigation and service cloud, he believes that entering the market with high precision positioning of Beidou (including the entry to the field of Intelligent Transportation), promote the application of innovation with high precision, will promote the development of the Beidou industry, then, he introduced some applications of Beidou in the field of intelligent transportation, and said Lane level applications will become the Big Dipper in the field of intelligent transportation tipping point precision, promote the application of innovation of intelligent transportation, finally he introduces the technical challenges of Beidou high precision navigation, precision positioning, map (high precision Lane level) and availability, high dynamic and low cost (positioning terminal).

  • 14:20[Cloud Computing Core Technology Architecture Forum] vice president and CTO Sun Dongfeng, vice president of foot note how to remember how to use the cloud platform architecture based on ten million mobile applications. Mobile Internet applications based on the picture, the registered users nearly DAU, 3000W million level, the date of new users 30~40%. Problems encountered MySQL+PHP traditional architecture including data bottlenecks, performance bottleneck and horizontal spreading bottleneck of the book of foot, for example, 1. A huge amount of data must pools; 2. The level of SOA extensions service cluster; 3. Three level cache, MySQL downgrade for persistence tool. Through the application of public cloud services, enough memory to achieve a dynamic and easy to expand, on-demand services, the cost of the early 1, the rapid expansion of the late 2 perfect monitoring system and operation and maintenance background; 3 professional data storage support.

  • 14:18[cloud computing platform construction and practice Forum] Intel China Shanghai branch company big data software engineer Luo Zhongyue immediately Ruan Xingping speech, from a technical point of view the Intel mechanism is how to combine the openstack. Mainly includes two steps, (1) RSA in the OpenStack rendering; (2) the use of RSA to expand the function of OpenStack.

  • 14:12[the cloud computing platform for building and practice Forum] Intel data center cloud platform division whole cabinet architecture market, technical manager Ruan Xingping published entitled "Intel machine cabinet architecture: for software defined Infrastructure Optimization of cloud infrastructure solutions", he said with the development of cloud technology to construct data center requirements become more and more standard, deliver more elastic, the deployment of more flexible. Intel's entire cabinet is a logical architecture for computing resources, network resources and storage resources to achieve decoupling and the need for restructuring. This scheme has been applied to redefine today's data center cloud architecture so as to realize the efficient deployment of cloud services. Finally, he also shared the combine software defined infrastructure case with openstack ironic and Intel whole cabinet architecture.

  • 14:10[cloud platform construction and practice Forum] HYPER founder &CTO Wang Xu in his speech, said that the current is in the Docker boom, what is Docker? Docker=Container (LxC) +Layered image (aufs), both LxC and aufs is not something new, and combination has produced great effect, the reason lies in the docker's core is used as the center, to greatly simplify the overall release process, reduce the difficulty of operation and maintenance. Docker for the application of the package, so that the operating system to return to the original , the application and the operating system is completely decoupled, is a revolution in the field of operation and maintenance. At the same time, he said virtual machine is not do the application as the center and hyper is center application virtualization. Finally, he also introduced the nature of hyper, and has a container, why also virtual machine and hyper and containers were compared.

  • 14:05[cloud computing security and trusted computing Forum] Microsoft trusted safety technology policy director chenkai entitled "building a trusted cloud computing platform" of speech, with particular reference to it technology, such as mobile, application, big data, cloud computing and other development brings an of great challenges and opportunities in the calculation. Especially in terms of trust, how to protect the data, who can access the data, where the data, how to prove that you are committed to the user has been concerned about the. To this end, Microsoft provides credible (core security, privacy protection, synthetic gauge and reliability promise), open and flexible (cross platform experience consistent, anytime, anywhere all data, scalable application development and flexible infrastructure) of the security services. As in the Azure platform, companies are free to choose the Linux system. Microsoft's commitment in terms of network security is: development, provide security products and services; customers to protect data security and privacy; assist customers and partners to protect their assets; to help in the fight against cyber crime. Technology, Microsoft in data encryption, through "the data transmission between customer and business, the data transmission between the data center, data storage, between the user end to end data protection to achieve all-round protection. Microsoft has a full set of security system in terms of security.

  • 14:00[cloud computing architecture core technology forum (2)] spruce Beijing Century Network Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Qi Ya Xuan in the theme for the SDN in cloud computing data center application "speech mentioned, SDN simplifies network management, and provide support for the application. In the Internet, SDN is evolution, and not change, because without migrating, free expansion, at any time to retreat and spruce can be realized by OF/OF/VXLAN, such as Arista, centec; in terms of service, SDN is open, rather than closed, using open source technology and integration of third-party resources and quality assurance, spruce is realized through the nfv, such as array and NSFocus; in terms of security, SDN variable passive defense to active defense, need to go through the data acquisition, analysis, and execution.

  • 13:55[] "Internet plus" Financial Forum Secretary General of thousands of Internet financial, co-founder Wen Xuechen shared the name "trend of Internet financial reporting and analysis" keynote speech. During the period, he analyzed the "Internet plus" financial background as well as for the "Internet plus" financial future judgments and opinions. He believes that the financial industry is now facing three major aspects of the proposition: the economic downturn, institutional change, technological innovation. He shared two formats for the future development trend of the industry: Internet Securities and Internet insurance. For Internet insurance, he believes that the Internet and insurance overlay to bring new effects: the Internet will give the insurance industry to bring a new blue ocean market; product pricing has become more and more precise, new business models appear. For the development trend of Internet banking, he summed up as: high speed development, innovation integration, integration and reconstruction.

  • 13:50[cloud computing data applications of intelligent transportation Forum] China Institute of electronic cloud computing honorary director of the Committee of experts committee, China big data expert advisory committee, Li Deyi academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering: the "intelligent driving" recognition of the theme of the opening speech. Academician Li said architecture design, module division and the interface agreed to determine the core competitiveness of the smart car industry. Subsequently, he shared the four principles of the architecture design: systems, modules, and happy programming principle, detailing the machine vision to form the driver's vision, he said, machine vision is far from all of human visual perception of the full range simulation. Finally, he shared the smart car sensor how to select and configure and machine vision.

  • 13:40[cloud computing security and trusted computing Forum] CNPC richfit Information Technology Co., Ltd. information security, senior director of technology Huang Sheng: the enterprise private cloud safety protection practice and exploration of "theme speech. Existing enterprise information system on the basis of the use of the model to determine the current stage of enterprise private cloud will be using IaaS based, PaaS supplemented by the model. With the gradual shift to the application layer and become more complex, the traditional single border protection mechanism is difficult to ensure security. From AWS metadata penetration test and full stack attack case, we can see that the cloud computing technology changed everything, but cloud computing platform itself is a complex information system, especially virtualization management, and cloud management system using common software and the existing technology development and eventually deploys on the traditional hardware platform, is still subject to the influence of traditional software and hardware technology ecosystem. Therefore, the traditional means of attack is still a threat, or need to rely on traditional means of protection as a basis for private cloud security.

  • 13:40[Cloud Computing Core Technology Architecture Forum] Su Ningyun business OpenStack research and development center director Zhang Xiaobin share the "OpenStack based private cloud of the road". From the beginning of May 2014, Suning Electric private cloud to thousands of physical and KVM virtual machine transformation into openstack private cloud, after a single control node openstack production cluster deployed to deploy multiple data centers, multi region, high availability cluster production changes, there are now four regions, including network and the DMZ a plurality of available domain, multi host sets (clusters), special resource pool calculated and storage intensive host resource pool.

  • 13:36["Internet plus" Financial Forum] Chinese Cloud Computing Technology Industry Association vice chairman, China big data expert committee vice chairman, vice chairman of the Institute of electronics China Liu Rulin delivered the opening speech. He stressed that the essence of cloud computing is the service, it should be to provide the traditional product, software concepts to provide services. Financial service is also provided, in the "Internet plus" under the banner of the proposed financial is necessary. Finance is not only related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, but also related to the vital interests of the people, but also often mentioned in the cloud computing security issues. He believes that the "Internet plus" financial reform there are a lot of things, a vast world.

  • 13:34June 5 in the afternoon, the seventh China Cloud Computing Conference cloud computing data applications of intelligent transportation forum under the auspices of the Chinese Intelligent Transportation Association executive director, vice secretary general, director of the national intelligent transportation industry technology innovation strategic alliance Long Guan Jizhen officially opened.

  • 13:32[cloud computing security and trusted computing Forum] "cloud computing security and trusted computing forum" in the stone network CEO CipherGateway Bai Xiaoyong, under the auspices of the official open.

  • 13:32[cloud computing platform and Building Forum] vice chairman of the Committee of China's big data experts, vice chairman of the China Institute of electronic cloud computing Expert Committee Huang Xiaoqing as chairman of the forum delivered a speech.

  • 13:30Cloud Computing Core Technology Architecture Forum (two) officially launched, there will be 5 guests to share the OpenStack, containers, SDN and other popular technology. Forum by the China Institute of electronic cloud computing expert committee, Beihang University, Professor Qian Depei School of computer science and chair.

  • 13:30[the cloud computing platform for building and practice Forum] June 5, cloud computing platform to build and practice forum in China Institute of electronic cloud computing expert committee, the Chinese Academy of Sciences cloud computing industry technology innovation and incubation, director of the center, Guangdong Electronic Industry Research Institute president Ji Tongkai presided over officially began.

  • 13:30"Internet plus" Financial Forum officially opened in the nine one financial co-founder Wu Wenxiong under the auspices of. Wu Wenxiong pointed out that the moment, the traditional industry has been deeply affected by the Internet thinking, and in the Internet highly fit within the financial industry, cloud computing and big data has become a new trend.

  • 11:30China big data expert consultant, China Institute of electronics, cloud computing vice chairman of the Committee of experts, China Academy of Engineering Li Bohu said that the industry is facing the global new technological revolution and the industrial revolution challenges: the integration of the new generation of information and communication technology and the rapid development of manufacturing industry and the depth, is causing development concept, manufacturing mode and manufacturing method and system, and major changes in the value chain; China manufacturing industry big but not strong, is facing from the lower end of the value chain to high-end, from a big manufacturing country to a powerful one, China from manufacturing to China to create a critical period of transformation; the development trend of the international manufacturing industry and the competition facing a major adjustment; China's economic development and national security put forward higher requirements on the development of the manufacturing industry. In his speech, Li Bohu academician also put forward the corresponding countermeasures for a more challenging. [details]

  • 11:00CSA cloud security alliance founder and CEO Jim Reavis published entitled "cloud today, cloud tomorrow" of the speech. He first introduced the CSA and the cloud computing and healthy development of the importance, he said CSA currently has 64000 members and 300 corporate members, 75 branches. , he also introduced the current leaders of enterprises are using cloud of things including: cloud security agent, operation and maintenance, container technology (docker, rocket), safety analysis, integration of the networking, create local cloud security strategy etc.. So when it comes to the challenges faced by CSA in the future, he said CSA future will work to make the security of the cloud more than any other IT system. This requires CSA to develop some standards to provide some certification, he believes that security should be provided as a service to. Finally, he introduced the SDP virtual private cloud and Internet of things use cases. [details]

  • 10:30Beijing sansec Technology Development Co., Ltd. founder and CEO Zhang Yue Gong said that shared intensive thought based on cloud resources, cloud security risks are mainly from: the boundaries of traditional security thinking failure, sealing, blocking, check, kill off guard, virtual environment, authentication and authorization, visit control more difficult, the cloud administrator has greater authority. In view of this phenomenon, ZhangYue recognized for cryptographic techniques have more advantages in the cloud security: Cryptographic technology is the theoretical foundation of; cryptography is active safety technology, in authentication, authorization, control and data protection has the advantage; cryptography and data processing closely, in line with the depth protection strategy. And in the implementation of the password technology, the hardware is undoubtedly more advantage. [details]

  • 10:00Central South University Professor, thousands of people plan expert Chen Jianer in a keynote speech from many aspects to share the development and changes in transparency in this year. Transparent computing is a new computing model. It is different from the cloud computing, virtual desktop, emphasizing the software on the server side, the calculation of the client, the implementation of the flow of cross platform and small terminal. Cloud computing to solve the problem of data cloud, and transparent computing to solve the problem of cloud software. The main features of transparent computing are: cross software and hardware platform; security issues; easy to use and easy maintenance management; small terminals and a variety of instruments and equipment to run different large software; low cost and environmental protection. Its core key points include HTML5. To achieve cross platform; transparent (cloud) architecture, to achieve controllable service, credible, environmental protection; OS Meta, with security, cross platform characteristics. Transparent calculation of network security has three to ensure that (1) OS Meta active protection; (2) the implementation of the virus protection; (3) data stream monitoring and management. [details]

  • 9:30Adgetec company, CEO of, a bestselling book author Professor Mark Mueller-Eberstein published entitled "cloud computing data drive business innovation and development" speech and introduces how effective use of cloud computing and data networking technology and bring opportunities to rapid changes in the world can become our business accelerator in the. Mark Mueller-Eberstein said became the winner of the new world and reduce cost is not an important issue, more innovative, more take the customer as the center, more flexible to meet the needs of customers is the key, and it maturity is crucial to corporate success indicators. Cloud computing, mobile, data, Internet of things, super app, smart city, 3D printing technology trends to us brings many new opportunities, we should use cloud computing unlimited computing power and data contains the value. [details]

  • 9:00Hughes James (Qiu Jianyi), chief technology officer of Seagate technology senior storage, published a speech entitled "the future of cloud storage", he first introduced the ASTC (advanced storage technology alliance) technology roadmap. He predicted that in 2017, the mechanical hard disk storage density will maintain a compound annual growth rate of 30%, and eventually reached around 2025 per square inch 10Tb, which contributed to the realization of 100TB hard drive. After he introduced the object storage as well as from 2001 to 2013 13 between the object storage startups financing situation, are gradually increasing, of course, Seagate also see this trend. This is also the reason Seagate force in this field. Finally, he concluded that the future storage needs will continue to increase, open source software, including Swift, CEPH, Riak and other software defined storage will eventually reduce the cost of spending, storage API will make the development of a more simple. [details]

  • 8:35Chinese Institute of electronics, cloud computing and vice chairman of the Committee of experts, China big data deputy director of the Committee of experts committee, vice director of committee of National Natural Science Fund, China Academy of Engineering Gawain Academy in the city of multimedia data, storage and processing technology of speech said: the new Turing Award winner is Dr. Michael Stonebraker, one of the most famous experts in the field of database. It is also proved that the big data technology is very important for the industry. Smart city as a representative of the practice of big data. First, smart city is a complex information ecosystem.; secondly, smart city based, big city data sensing network and data center; third, prerequisite for the success of the smart city is main basis for government decision-making from large data centers. [details]

  • 8:30The seventh China Cloud Computing Conference Third Plenary Session of the committee, deputy director of China's big data experts, China electronic society, vice chairman of the Committee of experts committee Huang Xiaoqing chaired the official start.

  • 8:25The seventh China Cloud Computing Conference third days after the morning plenary session, is the core technology of cloud computing architecture (two), the construction and practice of cloud computing platform (two), cloud computing security and trusted computing, "Internet plus" finance, big data cloud computing intelligent transportation industry should use "5 forums.

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