• All things Internet, mobile first: MDCC 2015 mobile developers conference ended successfully

    Co sponsored by the CSDN and innovative workshops MDCC 2015 mobile developers conference, held in October 14th -16, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Sun Palace Beijing. Assembly to all things Internet, mobile first as the theme, inviting domestic and foreign technical experts to a total of mobile development and IoT hotspots, analysis of new technologies and trends. [detailed]

  • CSDN founder Jiang Tao: SaaS Mobile Era

    Mobile has occupied the everyone's time, mobile app greatly enriched our lives, but there are still lots of things to do, including more services for enterprises in the market, the internationalization of the market, so we have a good future, and the future of not only mobile and Internet, like like the theme of the MDCC 2015, all interconnected, so I hope and everyone together in the next 6 years to find more opportunities for development. [detailed]

Aspect of the conference

General Assembly

Technology track

Session 1: platform and technology -Android

In the Android world, Android mobile phone is the center of computing and control, while the Wear Android watch is a personal interactive device. Developers face fragmentation, compatibility, performance and power optimization, and many other problems, the special invitation from the Android application development, testing, security field line engineer, deep profile Android development of those pits.[on] [under]

Session two: product and design

The focus of this field is to face to face in-depth understanding of the current development of the hottest mobile products design methods and innovation. Through these wonderful speech to pay attention to the product the new practitioners can understand category and the design thought of the whole product and user experience, let senior practitioners can to reflect on their work, extended diffusion on the user experience, understanding and comparison to master the design thinking and innovation business model, for future work to do optimization.[on] [under]

Session three: platform and technology - cross platform

"Code once, run everywhere" is always the programmer's "dream gentle Xiang", from 20 years ago, the Java holding the banner debut to react native popular, does not depend on the operating system does not trust hardware environment of cross platform application development has been the most favored by many developers. An application wants to win, the perfect use of experience is essential. The special invited domestic first-line expert on cross platform, mobile technology practice and commercial value of cross platform.[report]

Track four: enterprise mobility

Enterprises want to deploy mobile applications at the same time, but also hope that a simple, unified platform to provide a number of services. Enterprises need to move information, but also need to move the platform for their information acceleration. Believe that with the rapid expansion of the mobile Internet, mobile information technology will be more widely spread, demand for mobile services will grow rapidly in, so we focus on the enterprise in mobile application, also invited Sheng mobile industry of the best case. And we are convinced that both Internet companies, or in the traditional industry related companies, you will will see income immediately applied to actual environmental beliefs and motivation.[report]
Enterprise mobile information research center Zhao Heng
Real estate sales crown (card) CEO Huang Weixin
The general manager of UF network iUAP mobile platform products Zhang Jianxin Center
China three communications mobile IT chief architect Li Dong
Minsheng Bank scientific and technological innovation team leader Wang Qing
Express CEO Ma Chunquan

Session five: information accessibility

Your product may have overlooked one hundred million users. You know what? Accessibility to a wide range of disabled users, including vision, hearing, speech, cognition, language, learning, neurological disability, and aging. The goal of product accessibility is to ensure that all users, including people with disabilities, can use the Internet in their environment.[report]

Session six: platform and technology -iOS

IOS 9 era, the rapid development and has been open source Swift is rolling Objective-C, Facebook open source Native React potential to unify the mobile terminal programming language. This session focused on iOS development, security and testing, the return of technology, listening to the forefront of the first line of engineers to share their exploration and practice of new technology.[on] [under]

Session seven: Game Development

Game development technology with each passing day, with the development of technology, console games, video games began to become a new choice for game developers, want to explore the characteristics of the framework of the game development? Do you want to break through the technical bottleneck of the peak of the game? Come and join this special event! You will listen to a number of top-level game development experts to interpret the game architecture and performance of the actual combat experience and solutions![report]

Session eight: virtual reality

Virtual reality is just unfolding, HoloLens and AR will be pushed in the teeth of the storm. This field is not necessarily able to cover all aspects of the VR and AR huge complex industrial chain, but you will hear the most cutting-edge software and hardware team to share their quest for new areas and seeking truth.[on] [under]

IoT Summit

IoT Summit: hardware development and technology

Let intelligent hardware return to nature, from the connection technology to the software system, and then to the development of the cloud. On the development of links have a deep understanding of the technology responsible person, go downstage from star products with the most potential of the platform behind, for everyone to share their connection technology, networking system, embedded development and cloud development in practice or skill.[on] [under]

IoT Summit: embedded development

Internet of things is the industry's most important topic in the past two years, the giant launched a solution to the layout of the B market, the entrepreneurial team around the C side of the demand for the development of intelligent products. However, whether it is the Internet of things solutions or smart products are separated from the embedded system ecology. This forum will invite industry experts around the embedded energy consumption, security, framework, driven technology perspective, the interpretation of the industry trends and practical experience.[report]

IoT Theme Exhibition

IoT Theme Exhibition
Motion capture
Experience virtual reality
Experience the VR Guild Wars Game
VRplay exhibition area

The ecological construction of Microsoft in mobile applications and Internet of things

  • Microsoft Greater China development experience and platform Cooperation Division General Manager Raju Srikanth

    Microsoft through front, cloud, development tools and the open platform for developers and ISVs rapid R & D products onto the market to provide support and windows 10 IOT core, visual studio and azure is on behalf of the technology, the framework provides an open, cross platform support, broad support for the open source products.

Allow developers to enjoy big data bonus

  • Alliance product director Zhang Huan

    Currently a lot of developers have a pain point, APP will also face a problem, is a APP development to a certain extent, its new users will always be equal to the loss of users. How to solve these two problems, the first is the need to quickly identify the quality of new users, how to do second of your existing users to do fine operation, enhance their viscosity. Friends of the Union hopes to do the big data fusion is to better solve these two. [detailed]

Cross platform architecture and development problems of SDK ONE

  • Ring letter SDK senior R & D Engineer Sui Yunyi (Youni)

    SDK ONE is a letter to the next generation SDK IM, to provide a unified platform for the IM module design, so that different platforms share the same set of IM kernel code, so that SDK development faster and more unified. Ring letter SDK senior R & D Engineer Sui Yunyi (Youni) in the interview process, a detailed introduction of the SDK ONE cross platform architecture, in the development process encountered many problems, as well as the future planning.

How to deal with the problem of Android fragmentation of Mobile Enterprise

  • Nanjing flames star deputy general manager Xia Li

    Xia Li shares on the current energy field in terms of mobile information security requirements. He also said that now in the field of enterprise mobile in the face of Android fragmentation problem, have begun to actively establish a unified standard, enterprise mobile platform, mobile phone manufacturers and Parts Association also participated in the standard setting process.

Mobile applications how to achieve the value of directional promotion?

  • Seven wheat technology CEO Xu Huan

    ASO optimization how to do high heat key words full coverage? Mobile applications how to achieve the value of directional promotion? What developers have to comply with the dark rules of the mobile application market? The CSDN in the MDCC 2015 Conference on the topic around, and seven Mai technology CEO Xu Huan conducted in-depth exchanges. [detailed]

Without any auxiliary equipment to experience the effect of VR/AR shock

  • SuperD vice president Liu Ning

    SuperD vice president Liu Ning said, in terms of VR technology, mainly contains the sensing technology, immersive display, real-time recognition technology, interactive technology four aspects. And sense of immersion is one of the important directions of the SuperD, in the future with the rapid development of the Internet, at this level, SuperD commitment to build user interactive experience center, allows users to truly experience, without any auxiliary equipment, to experience the shock effect of VR and ar.

Assembly Pavilion

Baidu mobile cloud test center booth
Super multi
Naga information booth
Seven wheat technology booth
Rong Lian, cloud communications booth
Listen to the cloud booth
UF iUAP booth
Friends of the EU booth
Cloud news booth
APICloud booth
Post view Publishing House booth
A promotion of Taiwan
Red hat software booth
Ring letter instant messaging cloud booth
Hunting and recruitment network booth
Ling sparrow cloud booth
Mu class network booth
Tencent Bugly booth
Tiancheng Sheng Industry Exhibition
Cloud known sound booth
Yun Zhihui booth
Nock Technology Exhibition
Monkey Group booth

Xamarin actual combat course

Xamarin technical expert, Taiwan senior Microsoft Technology lecturer Tsai James
Xamarin actual combat course
Xamarin field Trainee
The rest students humbly ask for advice
Xamarin live students and staff photo

The conference highlights

General partner wall
Lecturer face to face
Cartoon dolls
Play darts game gift
Mobile development tool element periodic table
Discussion with foreign users

Graphic record

  • October 14th
  • October 15th
  • October 16th
  • 17:10[platform and technology -iOS special] of Alibaba senior safety engineer Zheng Min (steamed rice): "Xcode compiler ghosts, XcodeGhost events full review keynote speech, fully shared cause panic in the IOS security events XcodeGhost. Discover from the original Tencent bug, CNCERT warning, sample analysis, Baidu to find UnitGhost to 360 released infection app list, XcodeGhost event is just the beginning, the future IOS security need developers and security companies are together. How to detect whether Xcode is genuine? Apple officially launched a test program that can verify the Xcode signature. Steamed Rice said, Android, IOS security is much better, the app store app has a more than 100 very strict review mechanism, but there is indeed a way around the detection of the app store, such as dynamic loading, confusion and ROP.

  • 16:55[game development] palm games CTO Huang Huping shared the "Chibi - three points the world," the design, research and development experience. "Chibi" is a country 3D strategy Mobile Games, the original product has experienced three times of replacement, UI experienced three times of change. He says the art is game for the first sensory, directly affect the conversion rate of downloadable games, has become the first pass of the game decide life and death. In art and design, he summed up the points for attention, (1) the previous style setting weight; (2) game posters, icon, video is directly affect the game download conversion rate, spend more time in the above grinding; (3) the UI isn't suitable for outsourcing, effects are not suitable for outsourcing, for specific special effects the development editor. [details]

  • 16:50[virtual reality special] presided over the NADA, Darrow plow, Chen Jian, Xiangyuan, Hejie participate in the roundtable session, Gonghua virtual reality of "Jing" and "difficulties". [details]

  • 16:30[virtual reality special] super dimension CEO Chen Jian shared the "two dimensional culture and the combination of the AR/VR scene". Users of the two dimensional culture have the characteristics of like fantasy, the pursuit of dreams, and easy to generate clustering effect, longing for the characteristics of the virtual world, so they are VR and AR natural user group. However, VR and AR market presence of high educational costs, low willingness to pay, lack of adequate use of motivation, in the controllable cost of difficult to move the user pain points and other issues. Chen Jian believes that the two element industry chain is rapidly maturing, the operation of a number of successful IP makes more high-quality IP mining and better marketing, content and marketing platform is also increasingly mature and subdivision. [details]

  • 16:15【平台与技术-iOS专场】滴答清单iOS应用开发工程师张忠良发表“Apple Watch应用开发两三事”演讲,以实例详解了Apple Watch应用开发的Glance ->Travel Time (Complication), Crown Digital (WKInterfacePicker), Connectivity Watch three aspects. Developers need to select different customized content according to the characteristics of the product itself.

  • 16:10[game development special] long live games CEO Yao Kun in the "how to build a high-quality game software to enhance the hardware value" the theme of a speech, consumers because the likes of high-quality content, only the reason to buy game hardware. And when the amount of hardware sales surge, the content is also the same as it needs the most. Smart TV for this particular hardware, sales gradually increased, and that what kind of content can better show the hardware quality? That is to have a high precision of the picture quality of the game. [details]

  • 15:30[-iOS] special technology platform and "iOS test guide" the author published "UI Testing in Qun mi Xcode 7 keynote speech. First, he made a summary of the outdated Testing Tools UI reviews, developers need to understand the user Testing UI, mainly including the role of limited, maintenance costs, the vulnerability of three aspects. And the new UI test automation framework were introduced in detail, depth analysis of the UI testing of advanced investigated, respectively alert processing, support WebView, not visible UI controls operation support, support for Chinese input and the underlying data access.

  • 15:25[game development special] MAG interactive chief executive and producer Zhang Hanrong in the action game balance between art and key choice "theme speech said action production process in the design stage is the center of gravity, and on the game" Hidden Dragon pass: hangover "as an example, summed up the stage, the required to grasp the balance principle and key action choice experience. [details]

  • 15:15[virtual reality] Li Xinxi, the day of the engineer, sharing the "virtual reality based on UE4 engine development practice". Rift DK2 Oculus is widely used in the current virtual reality equipment. It is a developer version, hardware is not very mature, when violent movement will produce dizziness. So it is more suitable for some quiet games. For example, parkour horror and decryption games. Li Xinxi, explained how to develop a UE4 for the VR Oculus game. [details]

  • 14:50[platform and technology -iOS special] the old code that programming fun swift rivers and lakes ", the author Wang Fangjie:" swift, the fireworks cleared bow gleanings "keynote speech, the knowledge system of detailed swift: with complete OO system, Meng Da extension, strengthen edition Switch/if, tuple support, support for generic, and Objective-C/C interworking. Take type, swift enumerated type is very convenient, tuple types are standard, the string type in khanazir characteristics, notes can also play high-end.

  • 14:40[game development special] Tan Kai, founder and CEO of Beijing origin Tianze Technology Co., Ltd. in a keynote speech shared HTML5 high performance game development of many development skills, can be summarized into several points. Or run in (1) of planning to carry out a thorough understanding; (2) reduce the image resolution; (3) less zoom, tilt rotation; (4) don't create objects; (5) 3D game with low modulo addition line mapping; (6) vertex light enough to show very delicate light environment; (7) using the memory so as not to exceed 100m game for the first time loading time should not exceed 5 seconds; (8) the screen area calculation of the collision logic; (9) can reflect the calculated as calculated in advance; (10) do not frequently play a sound merged into a; (11) pixel game can greatly save resources; (12) using WEBGL operation accelerate game. [details]

  • 14:35[virtual reality special] TVR co founder Fang Xiangyuan, with some of the current production of sophisticated VR game as an example, the development of small virtual reality game. He first analyzed the traditional games and VR games in the production process, the input and output methods, planning and design aspects of the difference, the biggest change is the input and output mode. He based on the case analysis of the game, excellent VR game has the following characteristics: immersive, impact, visual spectacle, novelty experience, multiplayer online, and a deep understanding of the needs of players. In the development of VR game above, there are some suggestions: call Draw amount as far as possible not to exceed 60, Vertices to 100 thousand to 50 thousand between. In the early development of the platform, to make it clear that you want to do a lightweight or heavy games, games, such as body mass and type. [details]

  • 14:20[game development] 91 fun push CTO Zhao Xin in the keynote speech focused on the HTML5 game speed development framework Eger. For most of the framework code coupling is too serious, the development efficiency is too low, the game quality is not high, Eger came into being. According to the coupling, the castle has been developed PanelManager panel management; GameScene of scene management; popupmanager pop management; to the low efficient, launched TipsManager prompt management. EffectUtils of effect management; PanelManager for admin panel. Aiming at the game effect. There are PopUpManager, TipsUtils, EffectUtils, respectively, to achieve the panel effect, prompt effect, special effects. Zhao Xin at the scene through the code to achieve, UI effect in detail the framework of the show. [details]

  • 13:45[Special] virtual reality Unity Luo Zhida share "VR virtual scene construction" real information based on 3D. As of 2017, the total number of VR devices will reach 13 million 200 thousand units, is expected to 26 million will have 2020 related equipment. Speech, Luo Zhida scene to explain the use of Unity to build a virtual reality scene when the need to understand the development of the proposed rendering. [details]

  • 13:40[platform and technology -iOS] Baidu senior engineer Sun Yuan published "Builder Interface fast development practice and open source" theme speech. Share of their own with the team in the practice of summing up the experience of Builder Interface rapid development as well as the "Code Less, Bug Less" view. IB as MVC view, responsible for UI controls create, attributes and other configuration, is difficult to reuse the view and inheritance, but in the MVC architecture, IB has more advantages than code, also let MVC division more clearly, and Apple will gradually strengthen Ib.

  • 13:35[game development special] stubborn dream digital technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. co-founder Wei Zijun (@ big city small fat) to the "real" as the theme, share the he chose to try real-time game of reason, and share the exploration encountered in the pit, and these pits based on the summing up of the actual development experience, including technology selection, client rendering, network communication, reconnect, robot, docking the third-party user system, middleware structure, SDK type structure, data statistics, the GM tool such as multiple aspects. [details]

  • 13:30[Special] game development game Hao creative director Liang Tiexin as the host. [details]

  • 11:45[virtual reality special] DepthVR founder and CTO Lee share the "input system: VR devices are becoming more and more perfect in the process of new opportunities". Space input device used in the threshold of VR is very high. VR on the performance of the interactive system also has the scope, precision, delay, cost and other professional performance requirements, the performance of the difference will result in the use of experience on the difference and thus cause the difference between the interaction design. In position tracking, because of the reason of electromagnetic and ultrasonic, there will be some interference. The volume is small, the accuracy is relatively accurate, does not rely on the carrier, low delay, low cost is the need to solve the technology. Location tracking technology will really open the door to the world of VR. [details]

  • 11:40"Smart phone at the bottom of the system optimization of the evolution of technical speech published [embedded development special] Meizu technology R & D Center Senior Manager Wu Zhangjin, he from the Meizu M9 talked about the Pro 5, share the mobile phone products of the underlying optimization. From the available, can be easy to use to use, Meizu products to Mr. Wu Zhangjin, from the initial product research and development capabilities, including stability, such as the system crashes and security, to later mobile phone technology, hardware technology, temperature control and do the detailed share. [details]

  • 11:30[platform and technology -iOS special] fir.im founder Wang Meng bring "iOS development, please from the textbook type programming rules".

  • 10:50[embedded development special] China embedded system Industry Deputy Secretary General of the League of long hexiaoqing published "embedded operating system evolution and networking operating system" of technical presentations, he from the history of the development of a monolithic microprocessor, talked about today's embedded and future networking operation system how to design and develop. He pointed out that the Internet of things needs end to end solutions. Professor Ho proposed networking operating system features: management capabilities, extensible architecture, pan in the ability to interconnect, equipment maintenance, system security, cloud platform for networking, networking operating system business model. [details]

  • 10:45[Noitom CTO] a special virtual reality Ruoli sharing "human-computer interaction in virtual reality in the context of reflection and review". He believes that the virtual reality human-computer interaction context has a high degree of immersion, high natural interaction expectations, invisible to the external environment and tools, physical exhaustion and low resolution characteristics. Mouse button, display screen and touch screen are used in the traditional human computer interaction. Application of virtual reality interactive language in heavy / light applications, tools / games. Computational power, power consumption and cost are the difficult points in the virtual reality interactive technology at the present stage. [details]

  • 10:40[platform and technology -iOS special] LeanCloud front-end engineer Li as we bring the theme of "react native multi code reuse" speech. As an expert Native React tool, Li Ye introduced to us the Native React several major advantages, including the Native experience, reusable code, providing platform independent abstraction layer, and good scalability.

  • 9:55The age of the Internet embedded system design, technical presentations published [embedded development special] branch of director of research and development Liu Shouyong. He UAV technology and market development and application trends and vehicle network development of embedded software system structure made detailed introduces. [details]

  • 9:50[virtual reality special] CEO Ximmerse He Jie share the "VR development direction and the requirements of the VR interaction". Today VR in the world into a blowout development status, and its main position in the mobile / social aspects, it will be social, video and other bring revolutionary development. But interaction needs to solve the problem of precision, stability, convenience, low price and so on. At present, two kinds of VR interaction modes, which are immersed in sensory immersion and interactive immersion, are the main types. [details]

  • 9:45[technology platform and -iOS special] to where the network wireless IOS technical director Jiang Zhuo talked about in the design of the first edition of watch application, they first version app features, push send use watch app default layout, with a glance of time to remind. However, after it was found that people will not carry on the use of App, in the product for a task to be completed as soon as possible, App process needs to be simplified, and only when people wear watches will push.

  • 9:16[embedded development special] IOT in recent years become developers are concerned about the problem, how to make Linux system is more suitable for mobile and embedded development, well-known experts in embedded system, the Linux device drive development explain "book author Mr. Song Baohua 16 morning at 9 o'clock in the 2015 mobile developers conference embedded development special technical lecture of the Linux device driver architecture thinking", he from architecture to equipment drive is introduced, which can be any improvement. [details]

  • 9:10[platform and technology -iOS special] ENJOY, rice this iOS person in charge Chen Chengfang to share the "ENJOY Swift Let's!".

  • 9:08[virtual reality special] Ma Gengyu, vice president of technology and technology to share the "VR/AR application in human-computer interaction technology". He believes that AR+VR is the mainstream of the future of interactive technology. Early gesture recognition algorithm can only identify the location of the fingertip and specific gestures, and today's UI interaction requires a simple gesture recognition, 3D touch, etc., but also to detect fingertip speed and accuracy. Game interaction requires complex gestures and hand bone model. Fixed play, small moving range, real controller, based on the existing VR technology is easy to achieve these conditions suitable for the positioning of the VR game. [details]

  • 9:05[virtual reality] Lu Daye, founder of the yuan code, as the special moderator announced the start of special. [details]

  • 9:04[Special] embedded host machine press Huazhang company planning editor Cheung Kwok Keung announced the start of special. [details]

  • 9:00[platform and technology -iOS special] under the auspices of the Qihoo 360 front-end development engineer Liang Jie, technology platform and -iOS special to officially began.

  • 9:002015 annual MDCC event to enter the second day. Today will usher in 3 major technology: platform and technology -iOS, game development, virtual reality, as well as embedded development IoT technology summit.

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