• SDCC 2015 China software developers conference ended successfully

    November 19-21, 2015, by CSDN heavy build "2015 Chinese Software Developer Conference (hereinafter referred to as Sdcc 2015) in Beijing Langlizi Western Hills Garden Hotel is held ceremoniously. In addition to a strong lineup of all the general assembly, the organizers also carefully prepared a nine technical special forum and five special events. [detailed]

  • CSDN, founder of geeks founder Jiang Tao: technology entrepreneurship to help those things

    In this era of technology, technology, people must learn to look at the trend, look, can avoid the risk of punctuality. What is the general trend? Technology should assign high data, artificial intelligence, networking, 3D printing and robot field; market to focus on consumption upgrade service (o2o), crowd thinning (urbanization), globalization (Indian / Southeast Asia), business service industry (mobile SaaS). [detailed]

Conference highlights

General Assembly

Special forum

Front end Development Forum

Nearly two years, to react, angular as the representative of the front frame emerge in endlessly, ECMAScript 6 a new generation of JavaScript standards issued a formal, web components across the terminal component rapid development, based on nodejs before and after the end of the separation scheme has been in-depth practice. Based on... The rapid update of the front-end technology iteration, to the front-end developers have brought unprecedented challenges. [report|PPT]

Database Forum

In today's world is a world of information technology, our life, whether life, work, learning can not be separated from the support of information systems, therefore, the importance of the database is beyond doubt. With the advent of the era of cloud computing and big data, the traditional database is facing an unprecedented challenge, under the dual pressures of performance and cost, the database needs to find a way to break. For a time, a variety of new types of database used in the database bred and born, and dare to eat crabs each enterprise, but also a good harvest and accumulated a wealth of practical experience. [report|PPT]

Architecture practice Forum

The innovation of technology and business development very quickly, making the Internet has undergone earth shaking changes, whether system to set up the place and growth stage give full consideration to the design of system architecture, or weight to keep the transformation of the system architecture, in system stability, expansion, and the demands of performance, are many technical people long-term pain point problem. [Reported (on)|Report (next)|PPT]

R & D Management Forum

Internet plus began to promote economy continue to evolve, the Internet began to produce six major characteristics: cross-border integration, innovation driven, reshaping the structure, respect for humanity, ecological development and connect everything. "Boat", the field of R & D management how to keep pace with the new era, the forum will explore how Internet plus age research management work will do? Explore how to build efficient product life cycle management system, achieve collaborative R & D; how to strengthen the management of R & D and production process, fully shorten design cycle and reduce the cost, in order to adapt to the changing market demand. [report|PPT]

Security Technology Forum

The forum invited the industry's leading security technology people share the hot technology in the security field, including: Security open source framework, common vulnerabilities avoid method, security business account system and password, operation and maintenance of safety and so on. [Reported (on)|Report (next)|PPT]

Algorithm practice Forum

This forum is mainly concerned with the application of machine learning and crawler algorithm in the production environment. [Reported (on)|Report (next)|PPT]

Programming Language Forum

In this era of flourishing, a wide variety of programming language, companies have launched their own language to replace other languages. However, each language have their own characteristics, and other languages have commonality. Who can eternal youth, who is the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum? This forum invited domestic and foreign strength send guests to share under the environment of production experiences, about new language and the mainstream language under the environment of production actual usage, how to combine the specific scenarios, select the appropriate language and how to deal with the use of various difficulties and solutions will not. [Reported (on)|Report (next)|PPT]

Micro channel development forum

Can not be questioned, the number of enterprises, micro channel payment, O2O, electricity suppliers...... Still micro channel development in one of the most popular research field, especially in the enterprise, many enterprises have to test the water, from Tencent micro channel public platform, enterprise, third party application website shows the application can be seen, now has been fruitful. This special forum, will be engaged in the development of micro channel long-term development, the successful launch of well-known micro channel technology experts, first line developers to explore the company number, micro channel payment, O2O, electricity suppliers and other core development areas. [report|PPT]

Product and Design Forum

With the further popularization of the Internet, mobile Internet, the emergence of wearable devices and all kinds of intelligent hardware, coupled with the prevalence of angel investment, our lives have a wide variety of new technology products change. Whether it is hardware or software worth mentioning, to conquer the consumer, the first is the user experience.The product design and the sub forum, invited field have representative lecturer, to share the considerations behind how the product planning, how to polish, how to operate and other products; and share the success of the product positioning and demand analysis, user experience design and creative industry share. [report|PPT]

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Program life

Bracha Gilad theme sharing
HUAWEI executives site for the participants to translate
Q&A link
Elixir male god Valim e Jos at the same time
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Entrepreneurs say

Geek help ventures founding partner Jiang Tao
Innovation workshop partner Lang Chunhui
Zhang Ju, an executive director of the speed of light
Qiming venture partners Ye Guantai
IDG Capital Partners Niu Kuiguang
Xintian venture partner Jiang Yujie
DCloud project speaker Wang An
ILab project speaker Wang Sheng
Ruff project speaker Roy-Li
Expression MM project speaker Ding Yan
Big health business platform speaker Liu Dong
Good parking project speaker Ceng Xian
Our project speaker Bao Guiqian
Hydrogen technology project speaker Hu Zhongbin
Everyone Xiang project speaker Liu Zheng
Flash cloud Intelligent Cloud SaaS project speaker
Speed project speaker Cheng Kewei
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At night

He Shijun in earnest to share
Cai Xueyong shared experience
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Live audience
Live audience
Live audience


Activity site
Witkey founder Kang Lu K68
Twenty-first Century new media CTO Han Lei
Scene experience free Chinese medicine massage service
Discuss health
Discuss health

Make full use of user behavior data, to record the user's behavior more comprehensive

  • Yang Zhenyuan, vice president of today's headlines Technology

    Today's headlines, vice president of technology Yang Zhenyuan Mr. media group visit, in referring to the headlines today push mechanism, he pointed out that the robot push mechanism. According to the users are interested in the content of a push, its business model is still in advertising based. 70% content from the headlines on the platform, which is a media person's creative platform, there are about the author and media settled.

Understanding the trends of international software products will be quantified

  • Avangate Dong Jiachang, vice president of Asia Pacific Sales

    Software developers face the pain is to do what kind of software can be accepted by the market. Only more analysis, understand the market trend, in the market to under expected direction of software development in the future, developers need to think much, much to see outside the world to understand the trend of international software, products will be quantified.

To use the data to the extreme, the whole quantity analysis of large-scale data

  • Qihoo 360, senior director of business chief architect Liu Peng

    Big data services in the machine priority services to people, people can only macro things, the scene of the part of the decision, the machine can be on the individual, the whole amount of the scene to make decisions. For 360, the use of data and processing, is to improve the effectiveness of advertising, advertisers can accurately find customers. 360 is now in the direction of their advertising business, the use of data to the extreme, the entire volume of large-scale data analysis.

Enterprise application services framework to do double eleven support

  • Ali, senior technical experts, DRDS project leader Wang Jingyu

    When it comes to Taobao double 11 system operation, he pointed out that the whole system is very stable, in the aspects of system architecture made full preparation, the service framework using message ons, in order to ensure the free expansion of online system. In addition to the database, but also the use of enterprise class application services framework to do support.

Assembly Pavilion

View booth
Good rain Technology booth
Wit cloud booth
Hunting and recruitment network booth
Speed booth
Tiancheng Sheng Industry Exhibition
Dark cloud booth
Asynchronous community stand
Avangate booth
Vert.x Beijing user group booth
Mu class network booth
CSDN software mall booth

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Graphic record

  • November 19th
  • November 20th
  • November 21st
  • 17:30[algorithm practice Forum] interesting chief scientist Wang Xugang from the perspective of business and application scenarios to analyze how to use the "figure" to complete real-time analysis, so as to discover the value of data. First, from it to DT, from traditional to brand as the center to take the consumer as the center, data to quantify, tracking, recognition, prediction more accurate and continuously achieve commercialization, so that operating efficiency to achieve a substantial improvement. To membership operations, for example, from the facts, forecast, action of three dimension analysis, respectively: multi channel members operation analysis; churn behavior in the early warning model, mining model potential consumers, consumer value model; packet content recommendation, personalized push, intelligent customer service. However, data marketing existence quantity of data, diverse, real-time and associated technical challenges and need a unified framework to meet real-time correlation of a large amount of data calculation. Thus, the diagram calculation engine emerges as the times require. From the scene of building user portrait, for precision advertising, mining potential customers, loss of membership activation and through different combinations were corresponding algorithms, such as intimacy algorithm, namely according to the different paths and weights calculated starting from a node a to reach the probability of other nodes. [details]

  • 17:00[Programming Language Forum] easy to develop CTO Pan Junyong easy to bring the theme of "the development of the development of the road without a stack - the use of Python to carry out a full end development" speech. In Pan Junyong seems, JavaScript is the world, but it is still difficult to do all the stack development, requires a lot of unique knowledge. Subsequently, Pan Junyong from How to use Python development Web end; micro signal development; desktop development; nail nail /iOS/Android and other aspects of the show Python full stack development case. Finally, Pan Junyong concluded: the use of Python Abstract UI/View component model, the development of more simple, can be adapted to extend to a variety of. [details]

  • 16:50[Micro Channel Development Forum] Twilight interactive CEO Zhang Yongsheng in a keynote speech in cites numerous multi screen interactive scenarios. Completion of multi screen interactive needs to be paired + real time two basic technology. Pairing function can be implemented using two-dimensional code, audio, iBeacon three pairing mode. Complete real-time communication, can rely on Ajax polling, Poll Long, WebSocket three technology.

  • 16:50[Programming Language Forum] Maxleap.com senior Java Engineer Liu Xiaoxi's speech theme is the Vert.x3 asynchronous framework of actual combat, Vert.X was born in 2011, was named Node.X. As a Reactive development tool on the JVM, with (1) light weight, low dependence; (2) asynchronous non blocking; (3) multi language support; (4) distributed, scalable; (5) Java 8, etc.. Liu Xiaoxi for each feature to do the interpretation, for example, in the distributed support, Vert.X not only support the use of stand-alone multi-core, multi machine distributed, can also support HA, support packet mode... [details]

  • 16:35[products and Design Forum] to share the Internet enterprise boss system construction "theme speech where senior director of product Hao Ruoyun. He introduced the concept and the construction of the boss system, where the boss system construction process is analyzed, and rely on customer basic information management, business open security and billing mode to realize the function. He pointed out that QBOSSD decoupling of the construction process, divided into the billing, accumulating accounts, accounts and other financial domain, connecting external systems, system growth, growth of funds and other user domain create the client, the application ID, record the relationship between customer domain. In addition, Hao Ruoyun put forward a number of support system product manager TIPS, including not to start reconstruction project, always concerned about the business line trends, etc.. [details]

  • 16:20[algorithm practice Forum] iqiyi video recommendation system expert Wang Min for everyone to bring the "iqiyi recommendation system framework and practice of" speech share. Iqiyi has 1.5 million unique users, 1.9 billion hours of video viewing time, 11 billion video views, behind this, iqiyi recommendation system is how to realize personalized and relevant recommendations covering all the terminals of dozens of product form? The iqiyi recommended at the base of the system operation and the calculation relies heavily on the Hadoop ecosystem, the recommendation algorithm is based on memory caches data and calculations, based on the RDD data set logic structure, Scala simple functional programming based on experience. Wang Min said that a good recommendation system must possess four important factors: massive data analysis; fast processing new data and real-time interaction; flexible join and various iterations of recommendation algorithm low latency in response to a request high QPS's recommendation. [details]

  • 16:00[Programming Language Forum] in the afternoon of the three speeches by red language inventor nenad rakocevic, as well as the only product will chief architect Cai Xueyong, speech is the theme of Red: ten times to improve your programming efficiency. Red language is known as the full-stack language, powerful, support, including hardware, including a variety of field programming. In Red language developers like to use DSL to solve the problem. Compared to the C language, Red language can do anything C language to do, but not the syntax of the C language. It is currently static compilation, compilation speed is relatively slow, about four times slower than the C language, because it does not do optimization. In addition, Red language, there are many C language does not have the function, such as namespace. In addition, red there are some language reflection API, developers can directly used to control hardware, if you want to bring things to do, red language is also very suitable for, because of the very small, suitable for in memory inside of the Internet of things. Prior to this, Red language has done a lot of Internet of things, including the demonstration of the robot. [details]

  • 15:40[Micro Channel Development Forum] Tsinghua University post doctoral, Internet veteran observers Ji bin Wang for saying "micro channel development of winter has been to" pointed out the reason: no touch up real net demand; blind expansion of chaotic management; target changeable conflicts. By analyzing the reasons for the success of e bags, he stressed that the micro channel development team is not only in the technology to overcome the waterfall development more to the Internet era of gene injection into the micro channel development team.

  • 15:40【算法实践论坛】美团网数据组技术专家 付晴川发表《机器学习在美团用户画像中的应用》主题演讲,以What、Why、How开启了对于用户画像的细节解读。以其中的MT dmspa为例,统一特征提取框架,多工程师/模型自给自足、人力/计算资源冗余,在实现上特征统一提取/集中存储,支持no-coding,最终的建模周期将由3-4周下降到1-2周,人力/计算冗余估算将减少2倍。在分享过程中,付晴川抛出了一个颇为有趣的关于算法工程师的段子,引出在实践中遇到的那些坑。理想中的算法工程师是“提出假设->收集数据->训练模型->Interpretation of the results, however, things are not willing to, in reality, contains the constant debugging, to collect data, to collect more data and other links. Between the target and the actual effect, the algorithm engineer should be to approximation rather than rivalry. Before the depth of the optimization model, make full use of the characteristic data, to understand the model's advantages and disadvantages, choose suitable model. [details]

  • 15:35[products and Design Forum] Sogou, senior product manager, share the mobile app "primitive force release" keynote speech, he summed to create mobile app needs to rely on five artifact: 1, the product plan of the system. 2, the optimization of the details experience grinding core competitiveness. 3, make full use of the equipment in mobile scenarios "perception" capability, combined with the mobile ecosystem, task type that is, thus creating explore the mobile Internet; 4, East by the other platform to launch products; 5, using humanized brand image, fan base maintenance brand. Xu Meng proposed product design to core, in-depth excavation, frontier exploration to build the planning system of the products, to details of the experience of the pursuit of the ultimate, analysis of data, a / B test, iterative verification to polish mobile app, and combined with the depth of the moving scene, equipment capacity, mobile state to build the product. [details]

  • 15:10[products and Design Forum] lazy investment CEO Chen Yuyin share "from 0 to 1 to 100, keynote speech, he put forward the product design the best location is found suitable for their own path, locking target users need to identify pain points, in order to know the enemy and know yourself open from 0 to 1 A breakthrough. When it comes to product innovation, Chen Yuyin that need to be based on the user's understanding, through product upgrading better solve the customer pain points, and is the most effective interaction allows users to enjoy the, again big strategic to start from the service user. Finally he concluded that the difference of the product design to avoid unnecessary disputes, sophisticated user operations around the user to do. [details]

  • 14:50Elixir language designer Jos Valim shared the theme for the "an Elixir web framework Phoenix: for the new web" speech. Phoenix is an architecture open network framework. From the outside, Phoenix can accommodate all kinds of browsers; internally, due to the distributed architecture design, user and host each for information exchange will set up a new independent process can ensure the which when a channel is blocked, and does not influence the normal work of the other processes. From the data feedback point of view, to the Phoenix request and response processing time will be faster than the same network framework. [details]

  • 14:40[Micro Channel Development Forum] Shenzhen cloud soft co-founder and chief technology vice president Huang Rongzhen in his speech pointed out that open to those who cannot avoid business customers, and payment is not open around the business sectors, by micro payment strung business logic can be summarized in ten points: pay attention to; pay cuts; buy membership; membership privileges; coupon card; card vouchers spread; the line to line; recognition and encouragement of channels; customer segmentation; precise marketing.

  • 14:35[algorithm practice Forum] Alibaba search division algorithm expert Yan Qiang Shao Cheng around the "personalized" algorithm detailed since three years, Ali in the double eleven 35.019 billion, 571 million, 912.17 billion behind big data innovation and personalized algorithm system. With personalized business technology platform (TPP), can be a line of code to achieve the rapid large-scale Match CF framework (eTREC), real-time scheduling framework (Olive) to form a dual 11 personalized algorithm system. Among them, the high efficiency of the TPP algorithm iteration, real-time feedback, support for Automated Deployment and operation and maintenance, and Olive is included in the two parts: Streaming System Online, Learning Real-time. [details]

  • 14:30[products and Design Forum] Jingdong Mall Senior Director Zou Yu to bring the product data research "theme of the speech, he to Jingdong Mall product data proposed research driven product innovation, he thinks the Internet company's research data on product understanding and insight into the data, line and speed iterative data analysis, the off-line data mining, real-time recall, data filtering and ordering of the recommender system algorithm, analyzes the sorting platform data sequences of loops including data storage modeling data, data indexing, sorting data retrieved node fruit sorting prediction system etc.. [details]

  • 13:55Java generic author Bracha Gilad has brought "on the Dart language," the keynote speech. A Google released as a development language, for the vast majority of developers easily started (because the rules are similar to JavaScript) and dart language in mobile development and networking programming has a very high efficiency. When the invention of Dart language creator factors priority is minimalist. Gilad bracha thought of setting up and using a dart language some very innovative features and class (class), type (type) and asynchronous Asynchrony, mirror (mirrors) grammar, and Java, C, JavaScript compared. [details]

  • 13:50[Micro Channel Development Forum] IBOS founder / Product Manager Yang Fangxian said in a keynote speech development and application suite, is one of the choices of individual developers and small teams. Planning application suite products should follow four principles, namely, the identification of suite demand, seize the core needs; remodeling and guarantee a product demand, to meet the different usage scenarios; carding process structure and is convenient for users to use; optimized interface design, in line with the user group preferences.

  • 13:30[algorithm practice Forum] officially began at the beginning of the afternoon, TalkingData chief data scientist Zhang Xiatian share the "random non parametric learning algorithm Introduction" theme speech. Summer, said data increase rapidly, the algorithm complex degree high, the era of big data machine learning is facing enormous challenges, to parallel hardware accelerated and efficient algorithm combining can effectively solve this problem. In the algorithm are compared, random decision trees algorithm combines multi teeth were constructed by decision tree prediction results for classification / regression, contribution low overhead, in the process don't need to use label information, its computational complexity with the number of training samples is linear growth. [details]

  • 13:30[products and Design Forum] will be CEO Li Xianghao bring the social transaction, "the keynote speech, he will metaphor of social business, put forward a viewpoint that the social of the transaction, from information, experience, cost and value between social and transaction, and points out that the social product design for screening of low cost is reduced to vertical development, precise matching, and promote the" deal "to reduce costs, increase revenue. In addition, Li Xianghao also mentioned the social APP to use noise reduction means, matching mode, operational noise reduction, information mechanism, a variety of ways to reduce the user's social noise. He said that social product and social noise struggle is a long-term process, but will usher in the day of blossom. [details]

  • 11:40[algorithm practice Forum] Tencent wide core engineer Yan Hao: the Peacock: large scale subject model and in Tencent business applications "keynote speech, detailed LDA model training in four steps: randomly initializes each word topic; continuous re sampling each topic, the update count; repeated sampling, until the model converges. In improved Gibbs sampling speed, big big data model, support for adjusting parameter optimization model of quality, the peacock is given than common large-scale LDA model more perfect scheme, first of all, implementation based on the go language, sparselda can be algorithm is used, block matrix parallel computing, can support 10 million x 1 billion of matrix decomposition, and each iteration of the hyper parameters optimization, intelligent training topics number. [details]

  • 11:40Chen Hong, founder of the future application of the development of the forum in a speech to share the developers to use the H5 Nuggets should avoid many mistakes. He said that has expired H5 activity pages have some long tail traffic, you can put the last page of these pages together with the latest H5 activities to the link, in order to precipitate a number of active users. Also cites a double eleven most fire H5 application, micro channel entrance; strong content and users to take the initiative to share; large user base in several common characteristics.

  • 11:35[products and Design Forum] Alibaba products expert Liu Yulong bring the sense of product safety design "theme of the speech, he proposed in reality sense of security establishment and security products in the sense of design comes in its own resources, for their own environment, their own initiative, to Ali money shield of product design, for example, put forward to product design through visual information for security is perceived, through active marketing and let user perceived value, with the nature of the product of the microblogging marketing to make risk visualization, summed up the final products of the sense of security design process should be for resource location, determine the scene, visual risk, let the user perceived let. [details]

  • 11:20[Programming Language Forum] gopher China initiated, open source framework beego author Xie Mengjun share entitled "go cloud computing era system language, speech, including analysis of the go language design background, cloud computing applications, trends and future development aspects. Especially in the era of cloud computing system features are very large scale, distributed, universal, high scalability, low cost of several characteristics. In these areas, Go language has provided a lot of support. In the field of cloud computing, Go language has the corresponding open source projects, such as the container class: coreos, Docker; database: Codis, TiDB; distributed database scheduling: kingshard; DevOps:open-falcon... A large number of domestic and foreign companies have been used in the production environment Go language, Google, Apple, Foundry Cloud, MongoDB, Ali cloud CDN, Baidu, millet, seven cattle, HUAWEI, Kingsoft, cheetah move, hungry it... [details]

  • 10:40[algorithm practice Forum] Jingdong Mall search recommendation, director of Liu Sizhe from Jingdong recommendation mechanism and prediction of general model, sorting and monitoring four a detailed analysis of the practice of Jingdong Mall in the recommended application system. Recommendation system throughout all aspects of online users, its value lies in mining the user's potential demand for the purchase, shorten the user to the product distance, for users in demand is not clear and definite reference and satisfy curiosity. Jingdong recommendation algorithm optimization in data analysis as a tool, enhance the quality of the data and coverage, test different algorithms in the effect of different data sources, improve quality of recall model, increase the degree of recognition and user feedback as the basis, on the recommendation of the reordering, increase number according to the update frequency. Liu Sizhe said that the recommendation system is a complete project implementation, algorithms, engineering two are indispensable, algorithm optimization is the process of gradual iteration, the need for more inspiration. [details]

  • 10:35[Micro Channel Development Forum] Beijing guest to play Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Zhao Fei in the keynote speech on the iBeacon and its work and the main form of data. Micro channel shake is based on the iBeacon near field Bluetooth technology. He focus on how to join the micro channel shake, ibeacon how to work, Android phone is compatible with the ibeacon. Why said micro channel shake a shake in the scene of the interactive marketing have advantage and other popular problem solutions.

  • 10:30[Programming Language Forum] wheel Internet chief architect, PHP official expansion of the development team member Han Tianfeng brought the theme for the PHP asynchronous network communication programming speech. He compared the asynchronous + mainstream nginx, Nginx+Lua, Erlang/Golang, Node.Js, PHP-Swoole etc. several parallel programming model, and explains the PHP asynchronous IO related expansion, including: stream, sockets, Libevent, Pcntl/Posix, pthread. [details]

  • 10:20[Product Design Forum] and Baidu senior technical manager Shi Jialiang shared the "Crowdsourcing" products "make a keynote speech. He introduced the crowdsourcing platform refers to using the Internet to the task handed out, to complete the work by the wisdom of the masses, and to recover the creative, data, information, and the desired outcome, to Baidu crowdsourcing practice case analysis the Baidu all the measurement and MTC products, and analyzes the crowdsourcing facing users of quantity and quality, and diversity of the user's attention, how from the C-terminal to the B side of the management and technology problems, the proposed thinking and solving methods. [details]

  • 09:55[Micro Channel Development Forum] Meng Zhiping, founder of the iH5.cn (Interactive Master) in the a HTML5 underlying development tool history "theme of the speech introduces the birth history of HTML5. He believes that HTML5 and micro channel complement each other, HTML5 is also a micro channel inevitable choice. HTML5 possible future development direction of the electricity business platform, AR/VR, online education, intelligent hardware, such as native APP. Fast development, high quality content is the biggest bottleneck in the development of HTML5.

  • 9:50[algorithm practice Forum], Ju, deputy director of the odd Netease technology on intelligent query rewriting in the search application, query synonyms mining application in search advertising share the query optimization of practical experience. The site to explain how the based on users search log mining, based on the weight of query phrases similar of error correction and query optimization means to achieve RPM rise, "exact" recall more advertising, single click price increase. [details]

  • 9:40[Programming Language Forum] the first speech from Zhuhai Yun Chong technology research and development center, technical director Qi Yu, he brought the theme of "the beauty of C++1y" speech. The content mainly consists of three parts: (1) to check whether the member function exists; (2) the function cache; (3) to achieve a router http. In the first instance, Qi Yu compares the differences between C++98/03 and C++11 to check the existence of the member function, which reflects the flexibility and efficiency of C++11. And in the cache function, the traditional practice is each function need a container to cache the results, can not be universal, the function signature cannot generalize, and if the C++1y, it only need a container, universal, suitable for any function. Through a specific case to achieve HTTP router, Qi Yu strongly expressed C++ confidence equal to anything. [details]

  • 09:35[Micro Channel Development Forum] IBOS founder / Product Manager Yang Fangxian served as moderator. He reviewed the 2014 CSDN hosted two micro channel Developers Conference, this symposium will continue last year's general assembly, with the majority of micro channel developers and then the latest technology in the field of micro channel in recent years, the latest technological achievements.

  • 9:35[product and Design Forum] "growth hacker" author Fan Bing brings "growth hacker: black magic of entrepreneurial team" theme speech. He first introduced the concept of growth hacker is a group of data driven marketing, market guidance products, through technical means to carry out the growth target. He proposed hacker should have character growth is the inventor, geeks, mad men, and analysis technology products to being together, Clipsal, premise is not playing swollen face fat filled, technology driven marketing are not necessarily tall black technology, always thinking "is not is must do", "if do, is there a better way" and "now the results and the optimization of the space?", product technical should understand and comply with human nature, especially the dark side of human nature. [details]

  • 9:35Programming language forum in CTO Ruff Zheng Ye, under the auspices of the official start. Zheng Ye has more than ten years of programming experience, the use of a variety of development languages. The opening is thrown out a controversial topic: which language is the most efficient programming language? Some people say that the stage is C++, some people say that Java, but also some people say that the Go language is difficult to have an accurate answer to this question. Today's programming language has invited experts at home and abroad to share the experience of the development of language in the actual combat environment, and how to make a comparison between the mainstream language and the new language. [details]

  • 9:35[algorithm practice Forum] by the appropriate letter big data innovation center data scientist Xiang Liang as chair, after all the speakers were introduced, the forum officially began. [details]

  • 9:30[product and Design Forum] from the meeting will be chaired by Li Xianghao CEO product and Design Forum officially began. [details]

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