Day QualcommIoE will be held in Shenzhen in 27 days

Technologies Qualcomm will be during the meeting, show smart home, smart city, wearable devices, robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles and other new technologies and solutions. In addition, the participants from the software, mobile applications, cloud ecosystem industry will also show their solutions and products. To provide an opportunity for Technologies Qualcomm customers and ecosystems to help them build a new business relationship.

[IoE Day Qualcomm: all things connected more than the Internet[]IoE Day Qualcomm: connection technology, networking camera, to expand the boundaries of the Internet[]Xiaolong 820 Jianxingjianjin: the launch of the new Hexagon 680 DSP[]410C DragonBoard has opened to create a customer to buy]410C [DragonBoard development board: let the phone to become your robot [IoE Day sidelights: want to develop intelligent hardware? Need to figure out the problems first. Profiler [Snapdragon quick start guide]

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  • 2015-10-27

    10:48 Wang Tao, general manager of QQ IOT: social Internet plus hardware

    QQ includes device side, cloud, user side. Create a variety of SDK devices at the end, so that the device can quickly have networking capabilities and network expansion capabilities. Tencent also includes Qualcomm, including a number of chip manufacturers, the introduction of software and hardware integration of the chip module. After solving the equipment network, the ability to provide the cloud and data services to provide cloud devices. In terms of users, users do not need to install other applications, you can directly through the QQ to achieve interaction with the device. Released in October 28th last year, QQ content, there are more than 3000 manufacturers, more than 100 kinds of products to access QQ products, design family entertainment, car networking, security interaction, wearable, smart home, etc..[details]

  • 2015-10-27

    10:27 Haier U+ platform Wang Wei: smart home technology trends

    Speaker summed up the current smart home trends observed. In the past, through the mobile phone so that a single entry control home system, now the entrance gradually increased, some of the equipment itself can also as an entrance; the second is open, the beginning of the more open platform; the third is intelligent, intelligent more need in cloud computing, data platform, artificial intelligence and depth of learning to invest; fourth, easy interaction, the past is through screen control, now gradually the man-machine interactive way began to develop to speech, gestures, etc.. He said that Haier through the use of Qualcomm chips, released last year, 48 devices, shipments reached a million units last year. At present, the platform for data interaction with the platform to reach 100 million units per day. Haier U+ look forward to working with QUalcomm, the Internet of things industry to form a stronger impetus.[details]

  • 2015-10-27

    10:27 Qualcomm Zheng Jiansheng, vice president of China Sales: City Smart & Home Trends in China Smart

    Dr. Zheng Jiansheng said, Qualcomm officially launched Qualcomm snapdragon 618 network camera reference design and development platform. The new camera platform combines Technologies Qualcomm leading processing, connectivity, imaging and analysis techniques to support a more powerful, more intelligent and more professional security camera. The snapdragon 618 platform includes a reference design and network camera software development package (SDK), 4K hevc video support, connection and video analysis of heterogeneous computing. Technologies Qualcomm continue to enhance the important value of the Internet of things ecosystem, and is seeing a number of vertical segments of the market using the huge power of our platform. We are taking advantage of a wealth of product mix to build a customized platform for important market segments, networking camera is able to benefit from the industry's leading connectivity technology and processing solutions in one of the areas.[details]

  • 2015-10-27

    09:44 Qualcomm Product Management Senior Vice President Taller:Qualcomm IoE Vision Product & Management Raj

    IoE Day Qualcomm officially started. The first speaker Taller Raj said, in the face of different needs of the IoT market, we need to provide a variety of technology portfolio, including the combination of technology and the combination of intelligent algorithms. To wear products, for example, users has put forward more requirements, they have not the bracelet collected motion data, the view mode of motion information through mobile app, which requires vendors using a more stable and efficient connection technology. In the wisdom of the city, there are a number of challenges: technology selection, cost, data management and integration, large-scale deployment, support services and applicability, etc.. At present, some cities in the United States have begun to try to solve these problems, such as intelligent street lighting in the city of the city.[details]

  • 2015-10-26

    16:43 IoE Day Qualcomm will be held tomorrow (October 27th) at the Fukuda Kikudo Le Grand Large Hotel in Shenzhen

    Technologies Qualcomm will be during the meeting, show smart home, smart city, wearable devices, robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles and other new technologies and solutions. At the same time, a number of well-known manufacturers will participate in activities. Wonderful content, please look forward to![details]

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DragonBoard successfully adjusted and output display effect
Day IoE first day of the conference site
City Smart booth
Comarch containing Qualcomm Bluetooth connectivity solutions
Qualcomm technology based on the wisdom of the city of sand
Networking products booth attracted a large number of participants
The new release of Camera IP
Networking TV with Qualcomm Technology
Sensor for DragonBoard workshop
DragonBoard Workshop on the Engineer
Participants in the CSR booth before the exchange
Intelligent Home Furnishing full stadium
Qualcomm technology audio products
Intelligent peripheral device using Qualcomm Technology
Qualcomm smart home exhibition hall
Intelligent speaker using Qualcomm Technology
Smart watches using Qualcomm chip and software technology
Qualcomm stands on a racing model
Head on the booth using Qualcomm Technology
Day IoE second days technical seminar
Presentation guests
Qualcomm Sales Vice President Zheng Jiansheng
Qualcomm senior vice president and general manager Murray Anthony
Qualcomm China's chief operating officer Lorbeck Jeff
高通产品管理高级副总裁Raj Talluri
Qualcomm Product Management Senior Vice President Talluri Raj

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IoE Vision Product & Management Qualcomm

Qualcomm Product Management Senior Vice President Taller Raj  

10:44 10:27-

City Smart & Home Trends in China Smart

Qualcomm Zheng Jiansheng, vice president of sales in China


11:27 10:44-

Smart home technology trends

Haier U+ platform Wang Wei


11:44 11:27-

In the era of social Internet plus hardware

Wang Tao, general manager of QQ



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Theme speech: intelligent connection to promote the interconnection of all things






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