18 tips to keep you away from the security issues of cloud computing

Yu Yun SaaS applications will be more and more to replace the existing key business systems and services, many companies have seen the benefits of cloud computing applications, but the challenges and concerns are inevitable. This article lists 18 tips to help companies deal with privacy, regulations, and security issues related to cloud computing.

Mesos persistent storage

This paper according to their own mesos meetup second speech in finishing explain mesos to solve the persistent storage of the ideas, the upcoming mesos 0.23 two characteristics: persistent volumes and dynamic reservations.

Portworx to raise $8 million 500 thousand to address the issue of Docker storage

Portworx provides solutions to take care of the infrastructure needs of the container application, but also to understand the status of each server, such as which server has more hard disk memory CPU and other resources.

On the data reliability and consistency of SparkStreaming

Now one of the most popular words in the field of big data is the flow of computing, and one of the most dazzling is undoubtedly the SparkStreaming project from the Spark community. For the purposes of stream computing, the core feature is no doubt that it is low demand, but it also brings the relevant data reliability issues.

How to use cloud services to solve the pain of a short video social product cone

Since 2014, a large outbreak of the short video industry trend. Recently, the influencing factors of the outbreak of a short video products, and data level will encounter problems made detailed analysis, and the combination of the short video industry entrepreneurs need infrastructure products and cloud storage solutions.

Cloud computing and cloud storage core architecture and Application Forum: Center for the PMC, then the data storage market enterprises

Cloud computing and cloud storage core architecture and the application of the Forum (PMC) special, from PMC, Sina, dawn, wave, Baidu, billion HENGCHUANG source in a number of experts is data storage market development present situation, problems and mature products launched a share deeply.

Hughes James, chief technology officer of Seagate technology advanced storage unit: the future of cloud storage

Hughes James (Qiu Jianyi), chief technology officer of Seagate technology senior storage, published a speech entitled "cloud storage of not coming", he first introduced the ASTC technology roadmap. He predicted the mechanical hard disk storage density in 2025 to reach 10Tb per square inch, which contributed to the realization of 100TB hard drive.

Using S3cmd AWS simple and quick backup data

Are still worried about the data backup plan running poor? S3cmd AWS can help you.

Secret Sponge: unified Hadoop, Spark, SDS, Swift big data operating system

Sponge is a simple multilayer, totally POSIX compliant distributed NFS, Hadoop compatible, object storage, cloud storage, SDS, container mechanism support, integrated spark for computing engine and computing technology of distributed system based on memory, data storage, management and calculation of organic integration, with real-time consistency.

Target VMware NEXT, China's dark horse SMARTX business process decryption

Master graduation from Tsinghua, battles over the years, the Silicon Valley of Wen Hao Xu, after returning to pull division brothers founded SMARTX, started the business with very high technical threshold of enterprise class storage areas, they create a computing server and storage combined new architectures are expected to subvert the EMC and other traditional manufacturers, VMware virtualization overlords of the challenge.
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