"Winning Chilean stress becomes - future" wave storage national tour start soon

With cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and the rapid development of a new generation technology, the surge in the amount of data, data types present diversified trends, customer facing business interruption risk, data saving synthetic gauge of risk, it budgets are tight, data access performance enough many practical challenges.

8 pictures with you to understand Flashtec NVRAM PMC accelerator card

There are some common problems in the storage system on the market today. Usually, data is entered from the external interface, and the storage engine is processed by data. Each storage engine has its own characteristics, can be used for data applications, or compression, encryption and mapping, etc..

The construction of Tangshan City electronic monitoring system in the wave of business continuity plan

Recently, the wave of business continuous scheme successfully won the bid construction of Tangshan City, part of the county of electronic monitoring system, in helping surveillance system in Tangshan city to realize information sharing and cooperative, and improve the work efficiency of the government, monitoring platform to build the "sunshine" played a positive role.

Interview with Tencent Jiang Jie: the depth of the secret Tencent big data platform

Tencent business product line of many, has a mass of active users, daily online data beyond imagination, will be large data, in order to ensure company business products can be used more enrich the quality of data service, big data platform for Tencent do those? What is the ability to have?

CockroachDB: a scalable, cross regional copy of the data storage, and support transactions

A thirty-ninth programming period, the programmer must read technology weekly

How to combine AWS and Fluented for data collection

Jeff Amazon blog mentioned, Kiyoto Tamura treasure data of wrote a very interesting guest post, this article introduces what is Fluentd and how AWS and Fluented combined to carry out data collection, storage and processing.

A thirty-eighth programming period, the programmer must read technology weekly

When API meets the cloud platform, developers face a new choice!

Modern application development is more biased is the combination of the use of APIs, rather than simply the preparation of the code. This is for the developer to reduce the time of the deployment of the local, but the resulting new features also tend to be released in a simple way to drag and drop, which is the development platform for ease of use no doubt put forward higher requirements.

A thirty-sixth programming period, the programmer must read technology weekly

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