[figure] from the research iMatrix architecture to promote the wave of high-end storage AS18000 reached 9 7

Analytical wave of high-end storage AS18000 used by the full self research iMatrix fully shared switch architecture, iRAID fast reconstruction, isolated cache mirroring, heterogeneous integration and other technologies. And at the market level, the overall program with K1, and the "heterogeneous double live, and gradually replace" is still the focus.

Three years ago the world's top three? Wave Peng Zhen: rely on technological innovation to achieve

The wave in four and eight X86 servers, SmartRack, Tissot K1 series showed obvious to people. In 2015, the wave will support the high-end storage of 16 controllers, research and development of silicon optoelectronic interconnect SmartRack and support 64 expansion of the host system 64 processors. Technological innovation, will help to achieve the goal of the world's top three!

AWS security best practices #3: Admin permissions to reduce the number of IAM users

This article belongs to the third article of the best practice of AWS security. According to the first two articles, we have disabled the root AWS users - remove all root keys, assign MFA, then destroy or discard them.

About CLI AWS: ten practical commands that you don't know

This article describes the CLI AWS ten you do not know the utility commands, so you can use Console AWS allows you to easily solve most of the work, CLI AWS can sometimes make things easier and easier to deal with.

Internet time machine Timehop: 5000 users every day to the user DynamoDB played a role in what role?

This article mainly introduces the Internet time machine Timehop in the past year in the DynamoDB Amazon aspects of practice, including the experience of errors and suggestions.

S3 Amazon new features: cross regional backup

In March 24th, Amazon released the Replication Cross-Region. Through this function, the user can easily and conveniently to S3 object in another region AWS in the backup, such as multi location and make the data more close to important users and so on.

Use Facebook open source projects to make money is no longer just a dream

Facebook is a very love to share the social enterprise, and Google can be said to be the enterprise open source in the ranks of the two coaches. News of Facebook's open source project is also prevalent, many companies also use its open-source projects reasonably profitable, as Mark Zuckerberg says that, to help more enterprises to make money.

"With the technology to subvert their own", EMC in 2015 in the Chinese market to do?

EMC 2015 China strategy is: Technology subvert their own; and local manufacturers cooperation, so that local brands also have EMC technology; increase investment in two or three line city; the best 2.5 platform technology such as XtremIO, Isilon, DPS is pushed to the corporate data center; to achieve in the third platform and data layout.

The fate of the open source license from GitHub

The importance of open source licenses is just as important as driving permits to cars. Before the accused millet violated gplv2 license requirements, it is because there is no mandatory provisions must be according to the items in the agreement on the implementation, cause many users ignore the prestige of the open source license, also affects the fate of the open source license.

HUAWEI store: embrace OpenStack, change for the cloud

Traditional storage still has a huge growth space. Storage Department of Huawei executives believe that cloud is the essence of the service, in solving high performance, large capacity, high expansion, high reliability based on further realize the function of the software cloud (called services) is a correct path.
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