Java 9 in the new currency API

Previously, Oracle announced the first Java 9 enhanced plan set (known as JEPs) will be released in early 2016. Currently, JSR 354 defines a new Java currency API, the program will be officially introduced in Java 9.

How to use a single server to achieve more than 10 Git warehouse hosting

If you want to be free hosting a private / public warehouse in any place, you can choose At present, there are 20000 people in the active use of it to the custody of the warehouse, and a server has hosted more than 10 warehouses.

All the current NoSQL types, application scenarios and use the company

Compared with the traditional relational database, NoSQL is more complex classification, key, document oriented, column storage and map database. Here you have a list of all types of NoSQL application scenarios and a number of well-known companies to choose the program.

Listen to UnitedStack, IBM, HP experts how to talk about "OpenStack storage" technology

December 28th (Sunday), the eighth Meet Up C will be held in the Zhongguancun Software Park, building 4, block three, cloud base, held in layers of large conference room, the theme of this meeting is to store". And OpenStack has a lot of storage solutions, can be applied to a variety of open source and commercial products and can meet a variety of scenarios.

Google open source Dataflow Java SDK Cloud

Earlier this year, Google announced the Dataflow Cloud, a batch or real-time processing of massive data services and SDK. Now, they open source Java SDK Dataflow, so that developers can see the way it is implemented, and the reasonable use of the SDK development and operation in the local or other cloud services.

Web development dilemma: code or not code?

Existing application development front, often appear problem is how to compile it, choose custom code to solve the problem of the final product can bring great flexibility, but requires a lot of money and time cost. In some cases, trying to abstract development as much as possible, reducing the amount of code writing may be more meaningful.

Bphonenumber Google is used to format, store, check the international telephone number of commonly used Java, C++, JavaScript code library

Big data stored on HDFS

Online classroom Q/A record: AWS storage service features and typical application scenarios

IT industry in cloud security is somewhat powerless

Because of the management of cloud services, cloud services for the end who is responsible for the cloud security. 35% of respondents believe that cloud security responsibility should fall on the use and providers; 33% think the responsibility should be borne by the cloud service users themselves; another 32% of the surveyed that cloud service providers have a responsibility to protect cloud security.
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