SUSE released Storage Beta SUSE preview version of the official version will be released in the first half of 2015

At the SUSECon2014 conference, SUSE announced the release of Storage Beta SUSE version. Currently, SUSE has begun the beta phase of the Storage Beta SUSE version, the official version will be released in the first half of 2015.

AS500G: the traditional low utilization of storage terminator"

As wave is stored in the main terminal products, aS500 occupy the wave of storage for about 25% of sales, has become the preferred product upgrading of a number of industrial customers it with "ringing" price.

Professional, focus, development and cooperation to build a new backup safe storage

With the development of the era of big data, cloud computing, data storage and security show is particularly important! In the enterprise, the IT department needs a more flexible data storage solutions - not only to effectively protect the data, while providing rapid recovery and availability options for employees at any time and anywhere.

"Madman" programming forty-seventh, programmers must see the technology week.

Classical papers on database and storage

Red hat to push the new storage server 3 to achieve Gigabit storage capacity

Open source vendor red hat recently announced the launch of based on open source glusterfs 3.6 file system and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 can be easily extended to the multi Gigabit data support for the extended type file storage of open-source software defined storage solutions, Red Riding Hood storage server 3.

Magic HTML5 offline storage

Analysis of Facebook software architecture: Tao and BLOB to achieve the principle of

The number of users reached 1 billion level, Facebook every day to store as much as 400 billion of the photo, in the face of such a huge data, Facebook Tao and BLOB storage system. So, how are these memory architectures implemented? What are the principles of the use of it? Let me see the.

An efficient architecture to meet the changing needs of storage

These 12 things make me hate Hadoop

Article author C. Oliver Andrew is a professional software consultant, as well as North Carolina, Durham, big data consulting company Software Integrators Open, President and founder. Using Hadoop for a long time, he found that these 12 things really affect the ease of use of Hadoop.
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