Parker Zack: pile on Cotap with EC2

Cotap is a secure enterprise mobile information services software, mainly used to help people better in the work of communication and communication. This article from CTO Cotap to share, he tells the story of the Cotap business and EC2 Amazon in the role of his entrepreneurial process.

Wave storage to achieve the "sec" response, speed up the new rural cooperative IT services

Lighthouse City, Liaoning Province, the new rural cooperative medical management center office, the staff is the third quarter of 2014 municipal designated medical institutions for centralized clearing work, mouse gently a bit data "microsecond" response, no longer have to spend a lot of time waiting for a server response, business processing efficiency is greatly improved.

DCS storage operating system to become the wave of high-end storage wisdom engine"

Operating system, we are very familiar with, is a kind of special system software, it is responsible for the management of the entire computer system software and hardware resources, a good operating system is essential to the computer.

EBay Shanghai big data Summit: big data technology research and value discovery

A traditional IT infrastructure is being revolutionized by the big data and amount of data processing of eBay's analysis platform every day up 100pb has exceeded the Nasdaq stock exchange daily amount of data processing, for a system architect, a traditional IT infrastructure in the face of massive data and how heavy the constitutive

X System team into the association of Dayone: a sound, a strategy

Lenovo Group Vice President, China customer division general manager Tong Fuyao, Lenovo Group Vice President, general manager of system X and pure system in China Ye Ming for the first time in the face of the media, Lenovo server development path, stable channel strategy, cloud strategy and future enterprise market development prospect are introduced in detail.

HUAWEI storage: data such as water, business driven value

Huawei in the storage area has always insisted customer demand as the center, to "save to wisdom, melt to Zhiyuan" philosophy to guide the Huawei storage product development. As president Fan Ruiqi, HUAWEI storage product line said, the software defined storage is currently the entire industry hot spots, HUAWEI is more willing to emphasize Driven Storage Service.

An Australian researchers have studied how to store 1000TB data on CD!

A programming forty-second, programmers must see the technology week.

Tencent analysis system architecture analysis

TA is a free website analysis system for the third party webmaster, in terms of data stability, timeliness is widely praised by the webmaster, its second level real-time data update frequency also received industry recognition. This article will take you to explore the TA system architecture and the realization principle from the real time data processing, data storage and so on many aspects.

How to do a server administrator

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