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Editor's introduction:Liang Tianchao enrolled in the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications in Electronic Science and technology, master's degree in information security, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications. The former president of South Post CSDN university club, currently in Alibaba office. He suggested that the students in the process of looking for a job to be accurate to a certain position of a company, the ability to develop their own. In the face of double harvest their love and career, he encouraged the students to let love become the motive of the study, make the greatest efforts to improve yourself in the moment, take responsibility to strive for two! He mentioned in the article of the job experience, will give the students bring inspiration. In a year of graduation season, I hope to help students.


CSDN University Club: do you have a wonderful experience in your college and master's degree? Have ever participated in any competitions, and have obtained the position which the position as well as from the harvest is what?

Liang Tianchao:I participated in some of the programming games, such as the HUAWEI cup programming contest and CSDN programming challenge. Took the HUAWEI cup of the first and the two or three of the CSDN programming challenge. Harvest is concerned or the main harvest some confidence. Because of the programming and algorithms involved starting late, usually do their own ACM, do not know what kind of level, to the right of the enterprise in the end how much distance. Participate in the competition after the initial recognition of their efforts to the effectiveness of this period of time, how much, and other students in a what kind of position. Although the game is not much to participate in the gold content of the awards, but it is a kind of encouragement, feel that as long as the rhythm is maintained or will reach the level of their own.


CSDN University Club: your job experience is very rich, both in large enterprise practice, talk about the employment situation from the university to the present, as well as the present work?

Liang Tianchao:I am now a graduate of grade three, I have not graduated. Before there are two short of the internship experience, respectively, in Alibaba Java engineers and the Internet Engineering Institute in Microsoft to do software development engineer. Has signed a contract.


CSDN University Club: you have been involved in the business of the interview, and share the experience, right?

Liang Tianchao:The first company to try the company has HUAWEI, Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, Netease game and Microsoft.

From the difficulty of speaking, out of 10 points (here refers to software development. Which operation and maintenance, testing and non technology is not clear, HUAWEI in 3 points, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent in 6 points, Microsoft in 8 points, Netease game in 9 points.

I think if have a good programming foundation, to the ACM above the medium difficult question to look at the idea, on the high degree of difficulty can think of the most stupid way to achieve this level, with some basic language foundation and shallow project experience can reach 5 points of water. Here is the complete basic work of the training, the ordinary students as long as willing to take time to do this thing, can achieve this level.

In addition to the work of such things, if you can take some shortcuts, such as within the push, then the equivalent of a point, so you can get 6 points to go BAT. Of course, compare the color project experience will add 1 to 2 points.

Microsoft is a special case, the comparison of the test process of the algorithm, the study of the project is not much. So in the process of getting the Microsoft offer I feel that the programming before the accumulation played a role in 90%. Most of the students are very difficult to spend a long time on the one hand to carry out training (the process is quite boring). A creative project may become the punchline.

The difficulty of the game of Netease play 9 points in the fear of the unknown, because I did not get the opportunity to get the job interview (school and project experience). Netease game is said to be a key position in favor of elite schools, which also covers 9 points in the.

I know some students through their own on one aspect of the interests and achievements, and I reached a similar level or even more than me, so I think the job experience does not have too many restrictions and fetters, people I know as long as you in some way to pay far more than the efforts of others, it will be hard for others to reap match results.


CSDN University Club: look at your interview with some big companies, do you think the graduates should enter large companies or small companies?

Liang Tianchao:The orientation of my interview, of course, is my opinion. I think in the same conditions (salary, post) large companies with small companies difficult to compare the professional enlightenment and development advantages. Ali and Microsoft are very good in the work experience, as the industry leading companies must have other small companies to get through a few years of experience will be fought, but you don't have to risk with your company to undertake business, but can draw nutrients in the best of circumstances. In the age of the Internet every day will be the birth of many Venture Company, there are also many companies. The dream of a successful venture is like the light of the sea. I would like to be a sailor, or in the first job on a large ship is better.

Of course, I know a lot of good students in the school has a very good professional quality and industry perspective, then also can find a good team to complete the dream of the pirates.


CSDN University Club: choose a business, which is the most attractive to you? What aspect do you most value?

Liang Tianchao:As mentioned above, I value is the platform, followed by treatment.

The main target of the fall is BAT and Microsoft. Netease game because the salary is too high, so it is also considered in the column.

After getting BAT and Microsoft offer, I integrated the city area (Tencent pass), post (Baidu operation and maintenance pass) and whether it can be with the girlfriend (Microsoft pass). Finally chose alibaba. The entire process of recruiting has never been concerned about operators, state-owned enterprises, banks and second tier Internet Co.I do not agree with this point of the sea, the sea cast resume shows that their own uncertainty about career development, but also in the process of preparing for the process is not targeted. I suggest that in the process of looking for a job to be accurate to a certain company of a job, the ability to develop their own.


CSDN University Club: I heard that you are a "career love double harvest", and a girlfriend in the same company common development. Can you tell me whether the cause of love will affect? What are your inspiration and help to you?

Liang Tianchao:This is a kind of good intentions of the students before the interview, in fact, for me such a school was born, "love" and "business" two words are too serious. What I did was just for a girl friend in a few companies, and chose a company with a girlfriend. If I change the question to how to make a balance between love and learning, I would be happy to share some of my ideas.
In fact, love and learning are not necessarily contradictory, I was born the second grade from the start of the study and the main reason is to study hard and I suddenly realized soon to graduate, I have to give my love girl best life.If you use a good way of communication, for a healthy relationship between the feelings of love will not become a stumbling block, but will be the strongest power. For me, every time a girl friend likes something and I can't meet, what can be done is just doing your best to improve yourself. If a person due to drift and fall, it would take two copies of the responsibility to fight it.

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IT industry is a big category, which involves the contents of the work is also very rich. What is important is not what it is, but what is it for you to do. You can think of their own interests in the opposite direction, and then study the corresponding positions in this direction, and then determine the 1-2 goals, to the goal to work hard, to learn, it will be very good. Most of the courses in the university are based on the training of learning ability and methods. All kinds of problems encountered in the work, is not easy to use the original theory can be solved. So we need to continue to find new problems, solve problems, and thus continue to accumulate experience and mature growth.

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