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Lead editor:90 has get rid of immature, they began to work, career and enjoy life. This article is about a 90 rural baby, how to make 300 thousand half successful counter attack in university. Sheng Huan Chao is Binzhou university big four students and an expert on CSDN blog, new media operation business and the traditional derivative strongly opposed. The purpose of this article is just want to lower classwoman drove the some college life, hope to his experience to new Shidishimei to some university life inspiration!


CSDN University Club: as a student is how to become a CSDN blog expert?

Cao Shenghuan:Talking about blogging, to return to my sophomore at the end of the semester, sophomore year at the end of the winter vacation, in the school follow the teacher to do software projects in local government, although the accumulation of more than a year of the knowledge base, but to reach out to the actual software development projects, it is quite difficult. After more than a month of the practical project development, fully aware of their basic system is not perfect, a lot of things is only learn a little, and not really put all of the points in series. So big two after the beginning of the semester, I began to organize their own Java programming language system summary. Always in CSDN see some Daniel article, download some resources, but almost no true to write the article, just start writing when few people, slowly I put all the Java from basic to advanced series of articles written by more organized, this time on the ceiling introduced some primary learners to follow. With the passage of time, write your own article is more and more in depth, slowly also attracted some of the chiefs to observe, many chiefs to see my article is not directed at the technology, most of them are stronger, their words is this guy doing things is correct, can insist to write out the articles in this series, really is not easy. " With more and more people reading my blog, I in CSDN also slowly little fame. So, I try to apply expert blog, lucky is after two applications, the final expert blog application down. I sum up their own applications for CSDN blog expert success is the secret of the six words: "adhere to the correct attitude".


CSDN University Club: why do technological transformation from entrepreneurship?

Cao Shenghuan:Although from a start I have been focused on learning techniques, but my own learning technology of the line along the, also have been concerned about the technical aspects of the Internet fun things. Such as "Taobao website is what technology is used to realize the ah, Baidu and Google in the search algorithm have what advantage and short board?" And so on, some of the Internet giant's products are also more concerned about. With the accumulation of slowly, to the big three of the basic understanding of the various industries have a basic understanding of the internet. In by the end of 2013 when I began to pay attention to Tencent micro public platform products, through the understanding of a period of time, I found here is the person that do poineering work a good almost, although 14 years at the beginning of the year is just as good as a bonus, but I think still can be in this big cake divides a cup of a thick soup. Learning technology is actually not my interest, had worked hard, is to own a determination, for a no family background, no any rural baby, university graduates to find a good job, it must be to rely on their own efforts the, so I study hard you swap over the professional, is to in the university after graduation can find an adequate to support their work. Now there is a better opportunity, but also their favorite areas, why not take a try. So after 14 years of winter vacation, I began to set up their own entrepreneurial team. I know that this is how to achieve the technical, although is not now a technology, but previous learning and the accumulation of technology related things, in my business project is useless, at least meet a fun H5 application or spread good solutions.


CSDN University Club: how do you use the micro channel public platform for business?

Cao Shenghuan:The use of micro channel business, and many of my friends say are feeling is a very strange thing, they feel micro channel is not chat, look at the friends of friends?? Or some students will say: "you not is in the circle of friends every day non-stop hair cosmetics advertising, despise you". In fact, micro channel business is not so low as we imagined. I do the entrepreneurial projects mainly include the following three aspects:

1, grassroots public platform operation: operation of grassroots public platform is mainly operating in the field of a grassroots account, such as woman type of joke, types, and types of health and fitness types. The face of the general public is wide, if there is a good business model can quickly accumulate a large number of users to pay attention to these platforms, the current grassroots account operation I have eight, the total amount of fans have half a million. Of course these accounts of the article are source in the network, I occasionally write some of my own on the views of the industry or to life some of the ideas, the main in my public account since the media: "Yoshiko commenting" above.

2, precise users of the product marketing: past 2014, can count is derivative years, the earth has become almost everywhere derivative of the state, the circle of friends who not several day scraper sells the mask are embarrassed to say yourself with a micro channel. But can this method really sell to the product? Answer, of course, is negative, may occasionally good luck encountered a sell a product, but this derivative was too tired, also basically do not make money, my operation mode is first user, the user made up, the user to serve well, and fans have some trust, basically you what products to sell, as long as the user needs, on the platform, you buy is preferred. But this platform must not be too popular, the more the better. For example, I know a few friends to do calligraphy, dragon fish, mahogany. Although the operation only tens of thousands of users each month, but sales of products easily hundreds of thousands. So, do products, do not worry, starting from the user point of view.

3, the enterprise micro channel public platform operation, brand planning, part-time micro marketing Lecturer: after his more than half a year of efforts, basic of micro channel in various fields have accumulated some experience, and he started to want to share the experience of these out, applied to the enterprise. Beginning in my school in the city, engaged in several small micro marketing courses freely available, some of my "fans" to listen to. Slowly some enterprises began to look for me to give them to do the planning. So after the 2015 New Year's day, I began to set up operations and planning team, which contains technical personnel. Team to now more than a month, the success of the two companies have received a brand planning for the live. I was also invited to Ji'nan for some traditional industries to do training services. These basic is to make business.


CSDN University Club: to understand you held a "please a hundred food sanitation workers" gradually "wealthy" you start with the public interest, is the idea of what?

Cao Shenghuan:On the public, in fact I do not think too much, because too. I just do the things you want to do, no reason, I think my parents and the sanitation workers, do the dirty most tired of live, with the lowest income, both of my parents are migrant workers, I understand their state. They need to be taken seriously, to be cared for, to be taken care of. Now I have some ability to do things within its capacity, I am willing to serve them, after such activities me not only to continue to engage in, as long as my company in, every year I have to engage in.


CSDN University Club: through their own experience, for you have what good advice for mentees?

Cao Shenghuan:In fact, mentees has always been my interest parity. I almost every level big new born when, I will write an article suggested to my QQ space and school stick inside, although each people are few. Below I will use this again almost them some suggestions:

1,A good attitude is the key to success.Now young people are too impetuous, including myself. Do things or unrealistic expectations, always feel a lot of things on their own is too simple, always feel oneself what will, but really do it, what also do not. Or simply careless and casual, do things have no intention. One thing no matter how hard or how simple, first place just their own work attitude, put down the body down to earth to do.

2,Network is your most valuable asset in the future.Many college students think me in the school didn't have a chance to contact with the outside, but did not have the opportunity to contact with industry heavyweights. In fact, this is just an excuse, as long as you work hard, keep an open mind and heart to find ways, to the sincere humbly ask for advice, I believe you are sure to come into contact with some of the industry's friends, and even some of the more successful predecessors. In the future whether you work or business, you will thank you for the valuable connections accumulated wealth. May those who cannot directly to what interests you, but sometimes a word, give you refers to a point it will be possible to change the fate of your whole life.

3,Improve your overall quality ability.Whether it is a few years ago the university time or work, are the key and the best time to enhance their comprehensive abilities. Maybe you used to be an unknown grass, a classmate in front of the small figure. But you can't give up on yourself. Personal comprehensive ability is especially important when you are working or starting a business in the next few decades. For example, management, organization, speech, and interpersonal communication, etc.. Sometimes a comprehensive ability of a person at work can be outstanding performance out of a person's aura, which in the future leadership team work will play a key role.

4,Whether it is not interested, it is important to learn a professional course in college.In the conversation and low grade students, I often hear some people say: "I to my professional is not interested, I do not like the professional, so I didn't learn." Some people may say: "you say that things have what use? After work must not be used". Excuse Full of excuses to comfort yourself!!! And I many in work performance good friends when, they often a word said: "although the university to learn things nine times out of ten at work are not used, but learning learning method in University, and the knowledge of his thoughts on upgrading, in many years of work is benefit of." In fact from them will be able to feel, the University actually learning is not knowledge, learn more is how to improve your level of thought, and to cultivate the mode of thinking of you, and the person to work attitude. People a lifetime of work for decades, maybe you within three years of working five years less than, but in the future I'm sure whether directly or indirectly, you are sure to be useful, don't always think about what is not interested in useless and so on some of the ideas, these are give yourself don't try to find an excuse to comfort heart. From now on, grab your professional class, don't think about anything else, to learn, the future will certainly be useful to a place.

5,Anyway, it's always good to be thankful.Whether you are rich or poor, whether you are successful or not. Please always keep a heart of gratitude!Be thankful, your path will go further. I am grateful to my alma mater, my teacher Thanksgiving education, thanks to my side friend, thanks to my family, Thanksgiving around me every helped my friend. Sometimes we even want to thank every setback, for it has motivated us, let us grow better! People feel good side is always good.

Finally the most important advice: to talk about a love in the university campus, or will end up like me, a lifetime of regret! (there are five hundred lines of tears...)

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