Graduate to big company or small company work? How to look at the views of users and your choice?

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Organize some viewpoints of friends, for graduate students and pay attention to their future employment development, and provide the reference.

Would you like to label your future company with the label of "big company" and "small company"? What is your idea of a "big" company? And what type of company is a "small" company. This large and small Division will affect your choice intentions? The following 9 friends point of view, there are your ideas in it? Select the View tab, directly into the reading:

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Neutral point of view:                                                                                                                                          > back to top

Net friend 1:

For the people who just graduated:

Big company's advantage is the mature structure of departments and the training mechanism, you can quickly learn to the position where the workflow (very important, implication methods to process and meet the needs of the core skills and are less likely to collapse of the company; disadvantage is lack of understanding of other positions, it is difficult to understand mechanism of operation of the company as a whole, the use of knowledge is relatively narrow scope, more difficult to highlight their own.

The advantages of small company is the individual play a larger space, intellectual talents for, also less single department staff, inter departmental cooperation more widely, is conducive to the understanding of the mechanism of operation of the company as a whole; disadvantage is the low level of staff professional, work process is not standard, decision-making and Implementation are relatively free, no mature training mechanism, the company also may collapse at any time.

Venture Company can be regarded as a small company, the pay may not be very low, but it will not be very high. As early as the staff of the company, if the company can rise in the future, you can get a nice little return. The most important is a good state of mind, a sense of ownership, the company as their own, less complaints should take the initiative to solve the problem. In the field of professional knowledge, more rely on their own in the spare time of self-study.

Net friend 2:

The pros and cons of the size of the company in fact, we all know, the doubts of the people, often in Sidongfeidong between, after listening to a bunch of plausible words, or do not know how to choose, as if separated by a layer of fog.

Say a simple and effective way to judge it.


1 ability general, can enter the big company to choose the big company as far as possible.

2 ability is strong, can consider the potential of small companies, but in the way of stress.

Best to meet the following conditions

A friend or predecessors in this company, have a more in-depth understanding of the actual situation of the company, through the introduction.

And of the company have do resonance and sympathy with the mean is even without direct contact, through each other's products, and their employees in the SNS information, what kind of people they are, on how to do these two aspects must have at least as a sense of identity.

- but to give enough, this cannot be because startups have shrunk slightly lower, some can be, not low too much, otherwise the company do not fly

If you well, but reach the and did not meet the above conditions of small companies, suggest or choose to go to large companies, small companies what time.

Net friend 3:

1. Whether it is in a large company or a small one, must take the attitude adjustment in working for yourself, a job is a job, and not all of your life. Otherwise, no matter in which environment is prone to frustration.

2. The big company's benefits are the advantages of the platform, as long as the heart always learn a lot of mature system such as project management, standard and method of and so on, also many companies also provides Gang interior exchange opportunities, help you to grow; the disadvantages are also obvious, stay for a long time to warm boiled frog feeling, in addition to enhance the opportunity is always limited.

3. I also not too clear, defined what is (fewer than 300 people?) mixed in with a small company of advantage is that you can do generalist, a large degree of freedom, growth opportunities more. The disadvantage is that the you have to bear certain risks.

4 in both large and small companies, with the boss and the project is king.

5. Many people said that as long as enough cattle, must be able to go to the big company, this sentence is right, but the precondition is that large companies do have a head count (now head count of many large companies are shrinking)

. these years, many large companies gradually go down from the altar (possibly because of many domestic enterprises competitiveness in gradually increasing), so in large and small firms switch is no longer as before so strenuous (#5 is the premise).


Recommend big companies:                                                                                                                    > back to top

Net friend 1:

1. Large companies because it has a perfect management system, standardize the system and for newly graduated students, if they feel their interpersonal communication ability is weak and want to improve, in large companies can have lots of opportunities to learn about workplace philosophy.
. most companies have many years of experience, enterprise culture is rich, coupled with good working environment, suitable for to want stability and sedimentation of the students.
3. The company has a set of standard system structure, the obvious advantage of the platform, so for staff career development planning are relatively clear.
So the need to use contacts, customer resources and strong team work needs, large firms relative to small firms have more obvious advantages, more conducive to the early into the workplace of the gilded man. Similarly, big companies here must also be the connotation of an enterprise rich and healthy, strong, team cohesion.

Net friend 2:

Personally feel that is a first look at the exercise of large companies, small entrepreneurial, or to participate in the company), the corporate culture and advanced management experience of transplantation to small companies. If you start a business, it is relatively difficult to integrate into the culture of large companies.

Net friend 3:

1 just graduated and in the growth period, the proposal to the big company. To experience a few words saying, "the starting point is very important" people "environmental impact". In growth, learning stage, large companies is relatively excellent, professional people more on the one hand is good learning resources, on the other hand is the accumulation of good person arteries and veins; resume in the future the company name is very important, if before where is the big company or well-known company to see Jane calendar in not looking carefully at present will bright, even hiring needs, clearly put forward to have experience working in a big company.
2. If their own strong ability to work independently, it won't look similar such problems the, according to their own situation to do analysis and choose to do. Different people, different character, different time, different situation, there is no absolute answer.


Recommend a small company:                                                                                                                 > back to top

Net friend 1:

Good engineers do not lack opportunities to a large company, good engineers should be worried that they have no chance to go to promising small companies. As long as you have a certain strength, to big companies is very easy. But small companies can actually exercise a person's creativity, decision-making power, bear risk and pressure ability, things done ability and so on. If you want to make a difference, take advantage of the young to start a small business. Big companies can go at any time.

Net friend 2:

Smaller firms are more able to hone a person's ability, including creativity, decision-making ability, problem solving capability to undertake risk and pressure ability, organization and coordination ability.

Small companies, because less manpower, you can operate independently of a plate of a project, can do generalist, but the premise is you have to have the ability to bear.

In a small company, you can put more energy into work, concentrate on work. For a drive, want to rush to fight people who are very good.

Net friend 3:

Now I was faced with choice in the end to large companies and small companies to choose, and have a deep understanding, speaking about my feelings, I think both large and small companies, to weigh yourself, and others, which would choose the chances of you big, there is his salary you can accept! Big companies of course of study of architecture, however, big company door sill height, if you have no experience also cannot see to you, if you want the estimated to the salary is not too high! You want to pay high salaries, with the time and want to learn things, how to do? I suggest is to small companies, not necessarily small company to learn anything, the premise is you go to a small company you have a teacher with you, can you acquire his things, and then to large companies, so you go, you will have the opportunity to talk about conditions, also do not need to carry the inexperienced background, wages can not open and not the level of experience, so, such a curve path, which can not only keep the salary and learn something. Just need to change the same, a bit of trouble!


Welcome you to share your opinion.


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I don't sell rockets

GraduateHunan University

Recommended for large companies, for the general undergraduate, the technology is not very powerful, can go to the big company experience in life. Why do you say that? Because big companies have a complete set of system, can let you find a suitable for your own development direction, and big companies will develop skills in all aspects of your, and don't put me on the spot. And the company will have a variety of Daniel, we can have the opportunity to contact more Daniel, and can learn their advantages. , of course, competition is very fierce must have a maintain a positive attitude, and continue to enhance learning. In order to adapt to the needs of company development.

October 31, 2014 11:30:17

Bei Ye Fan Group

GraduateZhongkai Agricultural Engineering

Has gone to a small company to do not have much money, but it's free, noon 1 point to work at 9 o'clock in the evening, a morning at school to do their own thing or class. Also important is technology system is the same with me, can improve exercise

November 2014 03, 20:57:50


GraduateSouthWest JiaoTong University

Recommend large companies, for now graduated from the undergraduate students. The professional and technical aspects of only a small part of the strong, most are still in the theoretical level, in a big company have perfect training system and career development channel, can for personal advantage disadvantage with his career channels. At the same time, if the strict requirements on their own can also be selective in different directions to the cultivation of ability.

November 2014 04, 09:57:53


StudentInstitutes Of Technology Of South China

Neutral, each have each idea, my view is, to their spotted a promising company, it is best to do poineering work together the kind, also can go into the big company.

November 2014 05, 21:16:33


StudentInstitute of Disaster Prevention

Technology is generally the threshold of the problem

November 15, 2014 17:14:43

The wind will fly

StudentThe Harbin Polytechnic University

Suggest that you go to big company, a mature system in a large company, professional training, many unknown chance, have a broader vision, more contacts. As the saying goes, stand high and see far, your thoughts, your contacts, after you graduated a few years, you is very skillful, plays a key role in

December 2014 02, 14:08:40

Across the dreamer

StudentZhengzhou light industry

First of all, to analyze, if you enter a small company, then the exercise of all aspects of your ability. Know more, but not deep, is a kind of versatile way of talent, need hands-on things, the growth is also very fast. But the small company's medical security system is not perfect, the wages are not stable, the risk is great.

If you go into the big company, the exercise is that fine and deep knowledge, talent is more professional, but if you switch to a different position, there is no too many advantages. Big companies are all aspects of the security is better.

In a word, is It differs from man to man., each one takes what he needs! There is no best, only the most suitable for their own.

2015 03, 29,, 00:03:28