CSDN university club member registration

CSDN University Club (hereinafter referred to as the "club") is initiated by the world's largest Chinese IT technology community in Chinese software development alliance CSDN Chinese software develop net) and by the representatives of the students spontaneously joined it technology learning type organization. CSDN thus to build a bridge between the industry and the campus, the public service for the club to provide industry information, technical learning, expert exchange, technical competition and other learning services.

Club was founded in 2009, has so far received hundreds of colleges and universities set up application, has established a station in Colleges and universities in the country, 49, each station were named "XX University CSDN University Club". Each substation with club chairman as the core, equipped with at least one mentor teachers and other key members, to the members of the long-term development it subject learning activities. From termini provide part of the activities support. At present, most station provides support for the popular event is the next line of expert lectures. By the CSDN expert member of the ashes of the group of experts went to colleges and universities, the company's technology and experience to the campus, they do not receive any remuneration, the whole community to participate.

We introduced the programming challenge activities, to encourage students to computer and information technology, through the self challenge, the way of life, and constantly improve their programming skills and skills. At the same time, the outstanding talent will be obtained CSDN university club's recommendation, to participate in domestic and international competition, exemption of selected university club summer camp, will continue to participate in social activities in rich horizons, increase knowledge, develop interpersonal relationships.

President of the club by open recruitment, welcome to have the enthusiasm, has the sense of responsibility and have the experience of IT technology community organization, or in IT technology competition won overpraise chairman added. We expect the club to accompany your academic career, bring us the common growth and need to you of the public mind, to participate in the enthusiasm, ability to organize, support of the school the school and you before retiring for successors ready to. Every join you, will be our most precious wealth. Please apply to join the chairman is attached to the application form filled out after reading the following content, to ensure the operation of each club to a long, healthy, we will selectively through the application.

Club chairman audit process

  • One

    More than 30 registered members of the school can apply for the opening of the clubQuery the number of registered members of our schoolApplicants for the president to be a member of the university club and the University Students

  • Two

    Colleges and universities to apply for the 1 club, if there are different campuses, each campus to apply for the establishment of 1 clubs

    If the school club has not yet established can be applied to open universities and become chairman
    If the school has opened the club please contact the current chairman

  • Three

    Members to apply for the chairmanfill inChairman application form. Each club must be equipped with at least 1 of the chairman, 1 Teachers

    ChairmanXOneGuidance teacherXOne

  • Four

    Weekly batch review of the application materials submitted by the chairman of the line, the content is complete and in line with the basic requirements of the next step, not yet meet the requirements to improve the content of the application submitted again

  • Five

    Make a telephone call or QQ contact with the chairman in preparation for further communication.

  • Six

    Prepare to join the chairman, please do the following set up (in the process if there is any problem, please contact us, QQ:2411559571)

      Please, soon the community operation qualification, the club work site application to the local relevant departments in Colleges and Universities
      Please ask the chairman to invite one or more club teachers, at least one of which is a technical guidance teacher.
      To establish a management team, the management team to assist in the management of the chairman, the chairman of the post from the training of retired
      Write a community operation planning books, will be planning a book sent to the mailbox yaoxi@PROG3.COM title as "XX school CSDN University Club Operations Planning: including the grounds for the application, the club, organization form, the main activities and operations planning, you club to organize the preparation, your personal community management or take part in the competition of technology experience in detail, competitiveness of association analysis

Club president responsibilities

Club president responsibilities
Management of the registered members of the school, all members are required to be in college students, such as the discovery of the situation, please timely feedback or repeal invalid registration data;
- launched the member participation in club activities (self-test and programming challenges, competitions, etc.), create a club professional technical scope;
Invite teachers to participate in online and offline activities;
In each semester, the chairman of the line organized technical seminars and knowledge competitions and other activities. Online and actively promote, organize students to participate in the programming challenge and other competitions;
In knowledge sharing, the chairman of the active organization of the school members to provide and share the basis of class and professional learning materials;
Each year - term president of the organization of new activities, regularly review the registration of new members.

Club President get support


    Club display page

    Page display, including the basic information of the school logo, introduction, President, teacher; the school TOP10 programming contestant, TOP10 self-rated skill master; chairman, vice chairman of the personal blog in University Club home and the school home page display.


    Certificates and Awards

    Annual selection of top ten outstanding president, presented certificates and prizes; and selected the top ten club, incentives for new club annual operating expenses; president usually organize activities will also have the opportunity to reward headquarters to provide campaign materials sponsorship and certificate; President full transition, to the headquarters for the CSDN University Club excellent intern certificate.


    Industry conference invitation

    Representatives of the club can get two annual meeting of the industry's important invitation. Respectively CSDN held annual Cloud Computing Conference (may each year) and Mobile Developer Conference (November), original price 2000 yuan tickets, standard configuration for each meeting each school 3 (Chairman, guidance teachers, faculty leadership each one) and need to increase can apply for, retired chairman can also participate.


    Expert tour line

    The chairman may on behalf of the club to the headquarters for the support of line experts speaking tour lecturer, each semester at a time; each chairman of self organization and arrangement of tour activities, on activities of the entire camera photographed and reported in this paper. While preserving speech contents (late, we will in the speech volume were transcripts of collation and dissemination for the club members to read and reference), or cancel the eligibility. The club headquarters to provide work permits, banners, posters and other publicity materials.


    Magazine, VIP account, posters support

    "Programmer" monthly magazine, each school 2 per month this, please, fair payment or circulated, in case of winter and summer vacation, at the beginning of the send holiday during the magazine. If there is a greater number of journal, can apply for additional; each semester not quantitative CSDN VIP membership card, for members free download CSDN resources, such as more number of VIP card requirements can apply for additional; the headquarters of the batch print recruiting posters, to the chairman of the club sent in early September each year and by the chairman of the organization recruiting work.


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