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Cup Imagine Microsoft "innovation cup" global student competition is currently the world's largest and most widely influenced student technology competition. Students can release their creativity and technology in this platform to create a first-class scientific and technological solutions on the latest technology platform, will be creative into business reality, to develop students' innovative spirit and social responsibility.

Cup Imagine 2015 games have begun to accept the application. The global finals will be held in Seattle in July 2015. Cup Imagine 2015 is equipped with world citizen (Citizenship World), game development (Games) and best innovation (Innovation) three events (Competitions) and online challenge event (Challenges). Please carefully read the students"Competition rules in China". When writing project plan, use the specified"Project plan template".

The latest




2015 Microsoft innovation cup registration has ended. Has completed the contest official website registration but not for the club to register for the record of the students, as soon as possible in the colleges and universities to register for work, so as to participate in the club in April 2015 for the work of the selection.



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Imagine Cup 2015 China division rules and procedures

Cup Imagine 2015 game rule in ChinaWorld citizen,Game developmentAndBest innovationThree competitions and the establishment of the project. The work of the three events was graded according to their respective scores. World citizenship, game development, and the best innovation of the three competition project independent evaluation (Scoring criteriaChina), district tournament rounds and submission time. All entries must be submitted before the deadline of each turn before, to ensure that it works with disqualification. Each round has a specific entry requirements.

Preliminary registration and Chinese District
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China rematch
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Campus selection
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China area semi finals
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China area finals
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Cup Imagine 2015 global challenge event (Challenges)

Cup Imagine 2015 has a number of global challenges, the competition of the students need to participate in the global competition, including Video Project, Blueprint Pitch, Experience User, Hunt Code and other challenges (Challenges).
Participant please visitWww.imaginecup.comParticipate in the global competition according to the relevant regulations and requirements.

Video Pitch
Blueprint Project
Experience User
Hunt Code


China District Awards

Citizens of the world, the game and the best three games scoring independent innovation award, China race will be named the following awards:
The 1 Grand Prize (three team):
Each event a grand prize, a bonus of 10000 yuan per team.
2 first prize (six teams):
Each contest project first prize two, each team received a bonus 5000 yuan.
Two 3 and so on (nine teams):

Three, two, etc..
Three 4, etc.:
All of the team to enter the China area of the semi-finals but failed to qualify for the finals of the China area will receive three and other awards.
5 participation award:
All team in the second round of the competition to submit a qualified work but failed to qualify for the semi-finals of the Chinese district will receive a Participation Award

Two prize and more than two, etc.Competition Award. Three and more than three of the award winning team and all the players and guide teachers will getContest award certificate. All the participants and the instructor will receive the award winning team.Participating certificate issued by the competition. All the award amount is pre tax amount, and the participants need to pay individual income tax according to the relevant regulations. The instructor will not get any cash awards listed above.

The special award of the University Club (the winners should be registered in the University's Club).

In Microsoft's official Chinese District awards, CSDN College Club for each item of the first prize, two, three and other awards and a number of commemorative awards.
1 first prize (three teams):
Each contest first prize, each team received a bonus of 2000 yuan, the team member each person to enjoy 2015 VIP CSDN;
Two 2 and so on (six teams):
Each item two, two, and 1500, each team received a bonus of yuan, the team member each person to enjoy 2015 VIP CSDN;
Three 3 and other awards (nine teams):
Each item three, three, and 1000, each team received a bonus of yuan, the team member each person to enjoy 2015 VIP CSDN;
4 Memorial award:
All in the second round of the competition to submit qualified work, but failed to qualify for the semi-finals of the Chinese district team, will receive a commemorative certificate issued by the university club CSDN, while 2015 CSDN VIP card.


Global Awards

  • Champion: $50000, divided by the team members registered on the official website.
  • Runner up: $10000, half of the team members registered by the official website.
  • Third: $5000, registered by the official website of the team members equally

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