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  • Ansible basic introduction summary Abstract: A, ansible basic architecture ansible is a model driven configuration manager, support multi node release, remote task execution. Default using SSH for remote connection. There is no need to install additional software on the managed node, which can be expanded using a variety of programming languages. The basic frame of ansible...
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  • Unity3D hand travel development diary (2) - skill system architecture design Abstract: I'd like to have the skills to make more cow force, so the beginning of the project I thinking, whether to need to a flexible skills system architecture design, traditional design skills, practices are filling the excel table, the skills needed to what, to fill in a form, very rigid, such as skills, some only need to a special effects, and some to 10, then the table...
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  • Analysis of the RPC mechanism from the source code Hadoop Abstract: RPC is referred to as the remote procedure call (remote procedure call). This mechanism to face two problem object invocation; sequence / deserialization mechanism prior to this, it is necessary for us to understand what is the architecture of the protocol. A little bit more popular, that is, I put some of the interface and the interface method is called...
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