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  • Context Android context learning Abstract: 1.Context basic concept Context is what? Context) 1 is an abstract class, its generic implementation in the ContextImpl class. An interface to access the application environment of global information 2 context, through it can access to application resources and related classes, its main function is as follows: start Activity start...
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  • Jstack and thread dump analysis Abstract: jstack and thread dump analysis
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  • Btrace Abstract: Sketch Btrace is a dynamic tracing tool for Java platform, which can be injected into the code file at runtime, and the project is not invasive. Btrace can be integrated with the project via the command line or VisualVM plug-in.   Btrace may cause Jvm crash for the following reasons,...
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  • Using Quartz to handle timed execution tasks Abstract: Bring the JDK the timer and TimerTask class, but want to perform daily 1:00 timed execution, and the need for a stable framework, we need to find quartz, as for the quartz is what, I want to Baidu will tell you. Without demur, download the Quartz package, download the latest official version is 2.1.7. Then
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  • How to monitor the running status of treasure cloud website and server? Abstract: 100 cloud monitoring site running Website development, or development server, it is often necessary to themselves and to develop a tool to monitor the operation status of the website and server, if an exception occurs.
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