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  • Previous "operation has not finished run;'cleanup'if it was interrupted SVN" Abstract: today, I ran into a depressed problem, SVN up clean command not Previous operation finished has run'cleanup'if it was interrupted". No matter you go to that parent level directory to execute "up clean", it's all the same. Cleanup time to execute, prompt to cleanup. ...
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  • ADB, Fastboot, Recovery, Hboot, Bootloader introduction Abstract: from my Netease blog:'s full name is Debug Bridge Android, is to play the role of the bridge debugging. Android devices (such as mobile phones) are connected to the PC when the driver needed, the general Android device connected to the WinXP is no need to install the driver...
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  • How to monitor the running status of treasure cloud website and server? Abstract: 100 cloud monitoring site running Website development, or development server, it is often necessary to themselves and to develop a tool to monitor the operation status of the website and server, if an exception occurs.
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  • Preliminary study of Touch 3D Abstract: at first, you should phone to support 3D touch (heard that the simulator can also test the 3D touch, but to download a plug-in, detailed here do not say, I had no success) find your info.plist file to find the key:UIApplicationShortcutItems (if not, copy up) value: Choose...
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