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    HTML5 development skills

  • Canvas HTML5 rotating "Pyramid" Abstract: renderings: links effect: Code : < html> & lt; head> & lt; meta http-equiv=" Content-Type" content=" text / HTML; charset=UTF-8" & gt; & lt;...
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  • JavaScript based - drawing with Canvas Abstract: the HTML5 element provides a set of API JavaScript that allows us to dynamically create graphics and images. The graph is created in a specific context, and the context object currently has two. The first is the 2D context, can perform the original drawing operations, such as: 1), set the fill color color...
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  • HTML5 basic tags and SEO Abstract: 1.Hn tags, a page which is generally used only a H1 tag, as the main information title, so easy to SEO. 2.P tag, paragraph tag. 3 semantic meaning is to use a reasonable HTML tag and its unique attributes to format the document content. In general, semantic is the data and information processing, so that...
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