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    Scala development skills

  • LDA Spark topic extraction Abstract: in this paper, the use of MLlib LDA Spark to carry out the subject extraction of the engineering problems encountered to do a summary, list some of the pits, or for reference. On the specific theory of LDA can be on its own google. Subject prediction: LDA Spark theme prediction development environment: hadoop-2.6, spark-1.5.2...
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  • Scala study notes case, classobject 3-Actor, loop and react use Abstract: concurrent model, at the beginning of the concurrent programming in scala experience a) key Actor:java is sharing data and locking mechanism, the java.util.concurrent package provides concurrent still uses the mechanism. When the system is very complex with many threads are resource preemption problems. While Scala provides Actor, can respond to high...
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  • RDD groupByKey countByKey countByValue aggregateByKey reduceByKey test, pair Abstract: Val d = sc.makeRDD (array (1,2,3,4,5,1,3,5)) Val DD = (x=> x (, 1)) / / tectonic pair RDD. Dd:RDD[(int, int)]1.groupByKeyval DG = dd.groupByKey) (//dg: RDD[(int, Iterable[Int])]val DGC = dg.collectAsMap //d
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