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    String development skills

  • Bootstrap3 price sliding block range bootstrap-slider price Abstract: example HTML < type=" text" class=" span2" value=" " data-slider-min=" data-slider-max=" 255" data-slider-step=" 1"; data-slider-value=&qu;; 0" input;;;;;...
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  • TabLayout Android summary Abstract:   Environment building   1.Android design and Android support package V4 support package. 2 add in build.gradle Dependencies { Files compile ('libs/android-support-v4.jar') ''compile } 3 if Ta...
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  • Scala study notes (1) Abstract: One, variable To obtain the variable value is a time-consuming work can be taken into account when using lazy var. lazy val forLater = someTimeConsumingOperation ()   Two, function definition "Not only is used to divide the E.
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  • [Java development path] (2) Java string Abstract: 1 what is the string in the Java in the Java, the string is used as the object of String type processing. The String class is located in the java.lang package. By default, the package is automatically imported into all programs. A method of creating String object: package com.qunar.test; public class HelloWorld {public s...
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